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Professor Bruce Thornton pretty much nails the collapse of higher liberal education in the US.

Those days are gone. Today our educational institutions are grubby, rent-seeking businesses, and propaganda organs for illiberal, incoherent ideologies based on the “higher nonsense” that has captured “higher education,” and from there trickled down into K-12 schools. No wonder the majority of the products of those failed institutions, like Generation Z, support letting murderers go free, censoring speech that challenges their “stock notions and habits,” joining the anti-carbon “green” cult, and subjecting children to drag-queen shows and inappropriate sexual curricula.

Leaving aside the fact the K-12s were DOA from their inception, and removing the Judeo-Christian non sequitur, renders his analysis almost perfect. I’m sure Senator Walker will lead the charge to reverse this curse. Oh, no, wait…