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Like most other advice from Boomers, that line is a load of crap. More and more employers cease requiring useless college degrees.

Companies such as Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Delta Air Lines Inc. and International Business Machines Corp. have reduced educational requirements for certain positions and shifted hiring to focus more on skills and experience. Maryland this year cut college-degree requirements for many state jobs—leading to a surge in hiring—and incoming Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro campaigned on a similar initiative.

U.S. job postings requiring at least a bachelor’s degree were 41% in November, down from 46% at the start of 2019 ahead of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to an analysis by the Burning Glass Institute, a think tank that studies the future of work. Degree requirements dropped even more early in the pandemic. They have grown since then but remain below prepandemic levels.

At the lowest depths of the fake pandemic, the required figure was down to 1/3rd of available jobs. And it’s not just the allegedly tight economy, but also the fact that companies realize, unlike the GD Boomers, that most (MOST) college degrees are worse than worthless. Plan accordingly, kids.