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Something has been popping up all year in my mind regarding the two leading countries of the sovereign world order. Both Russia and China appear to be playing the C19 Hoax game as if it were still mid-2020. Why? I have a little theory.

Russia never did any of the draconian things the “free and democratic” countries did. Putin said, “no jab mandate,” and so it was. China went into lockdown, spray down mode and seemingly never exited. China keeps on with news of lockdowns, etc., which I think are propaganda and play acting for the most part now. The fact the MSM is now reporting on protests against Xi, calling for him to resign, when the MSM has otherwise moved on from what they originally sold as the new Black Death, is interesting. Both countries keep pilling on the case, hospitalization, and death records – when even the USSA has shifted gears.

Xi isn’t going anywhere. Neither is Putin. Talk to the contrary is mere Hasbara. Here’s what I think is really going on. Remember, China was the primary target of the first wave hoax attacks. Russia, while not primarily targeted, caught it as hot as the rest of the world, plus the fact that the usual suspects loved any report of damage to Russia. Both countries know what happened to them (and the world), and they know precisely who did it. What I think they’re doing now is continuing to play along, intelligently, calculatingly, the way everyone else stupidly did 2 years ago. They’re piling on the the counts as evidence for what one might assume or hope will be a series of war crimes trials.

If I’m right, make sure you have some popcorn on hand.