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Remember when AJ said some chemicals were turning frogs gay? It seems many women kissed the gay frogs. As a result, they no longer look for princes.

From weight gain to nausea, breast tenderness, and menstrual cycle changes, the Pill has a long list of side effects.

But a number of women have spoken out about what is probably the most unlikely side effect yet — they say the oral contraceptives turned them gay.

While it may sound outlandish, there is some evidence the combined and progestin-only oral contraceptives can alter how women perceive attractiveness.

The medication works by suppressing the body’s natural production of sex hormones and replaces them with synthetic versions.

It may be that the entirety of what we once called the modern world was born of evil. If there are any, then future historians will look back on the period with horrified awe. Keep trusting that “science,” ladies!