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Going Ballistic: Some More Martial Lessons


This episode was almost another piece about education, or what passes for education in the post-American US. It would have been, by my count, number 402, a screed based on Maureen Downey’s recent AJC article about a recent Gallup poll about how lazy, wicked, or stupid American parents are concerning the schools. Click HERE to examine that matter independently. I just can’t do it for the 402nd time. In a word: homeschool.

Alternatively, what’s on my mind? Missiles. This will be a short recap of a few interesting developments in the world of rocketry over the past few years. Last week, I mentioned the available lessons from the late unpleasantness in Ukraine. I have another one, concerning the Polish incident last week, which will conclude the following summary. There are more, but I’m just focusing on four training exercises.


In 2017, in response to a fake chemical weapons attack and on the tearful advice of his favorite daughter, Orange Man slung a bevy of Tommy-hawks at Syria’s Al-Shayrat Air Base. Big tough, much win. The real lesson was that, whatever exact kind of air defense system President al-Assad had, it successfully shot down 80% of the incoming birds. Syria has (and had) one of the better ADF platforms in the Middle East. They use(d) multiple systems, including older S-200s and Buk-2s. After the failed, warrantless, estrogen-prompted attack, they received an allotment of newer 300s too. I’m not sure precisely when the wedding occurred, but also in 2017, the house ADF was integrated with Russia’s foreign aerospace command. Lessons: 1) smaller forces can deter imperial aggression with the right, if limited equipment, and 2) the very-slow Tommy-hawk isn’t the wizz-bang miracle it was in 1991.


The action happened in Iraq, but it flew in from the immediate east. In early January 2020, while Tony Fauci greasily paced around wondering if his 12th attempt baiting the public into a pandemic hoax would work, Orange Man struck again. On someone’s advice and for some reason, T45 had his drone forces in Iraq murder Gen. Qasem Soleimani as he, acting as an approved diplomat, left the Baghdad airport. Some, like yours truly, foresaw a little retaliation coming. Tehran didn’t disappoint.

In addition to delivering a diamond-pattern wake-up call to a Yankee consular facility, the Iranians rained hell on the empire’s Al-Asad AB one night. I forget if I ever knew, but I think they used modified Fatehs and/or Qiams. The result was hundreds of traumatic brain injuries on the ground and the destruction of the drone squadrons Orange Man used to kill regional extremists’ worst enemy. Astoundingly, there were no fatalities, though as of drafting time, I do not think the material losses have ever been replaced. Several things caught the world’s attention, namely the power and extreme, first-class precision of Iran’s ballistic missiles. There was also the total inability of the mighty Yankee empire to do anything interceptor-wise to stop the barrage. One will note there was no counter-retaliation. In plain terms, the USSA had its ass kicked. 

The lesson with this one revolves around the development of new or better missiles. Iran has been under radical sanctions ever since they threw off the CIA-installed government of the Shah. The Company and Mossad have conducted open or covert warfare against Persia with regularity. Still, perhaps with a little outside help, but certainly with in-country ingenuity, the Iranians have closed the tech gap with the WereWest. They’ve made great advances on other fronts too, all of which will make future homoglobo attacks or interference interesting and perhaps impossible. As the empire is rapidly losing the ability to bother anyone outside of North America and likely won’t be a serious factor for much longer, other Middle Eastern nations should, if they’re wise, find some way to live with (not war win) Iran. Time will tell, but the immediate takeaway is that international ostracism forces innovation. (For this lesson on steroids, look no further than North Korea).


In May 2021, something changed in the dynamic between the native people and their oppressors. I noticed it almost immediately upon looking at a strike map published somewhere. I think Martin van Creveld noticed it too. There was a profound advance in the weapons and abilities of Hamas. Dr. van Creveld has also noted a distinct decline in IDF capability – a subject for another day or author.

To summarize the situation, as was well-detailed by the great historian, every time there is a flare-up, the Palestinians demonstrate substantial advances in materials and tactics. Decades ago, as he put it, they threw rocks. Then, they started shooting guns. Next, they began firing pitifully ineffective rockets that barely made it over the fence. However, as seen on the map in 2021, they suddenly had the power to launch missiles over the entirety of Israel. It has been estimated they could theoretically hit targets in Lebanon or Jordan, possibly Syria. This latest development is remarkable.

The new projectiles are hand-crafted knock-offs of Syrian knock-offs of Iraqi knock-offs of Korean knock-offs of 1960s-era Soviet missiles (everyone is saying, “Scuds,” as may be the case). By modern standards, they were rather inaccurate, though, by Hamas standards, they represented a quantum leap forward. One suspects the next upgrade will involve better guidance, but as-was, when they hit, they packed a little punch. They also, many of them, overwhelmed and bypassed the vaunted, and woefully out-of-date Iron Dome. Crazily, they were built by hand in garages and basements in Gaza, which is a giant concentration camp prison where some of the poorest people in the world live in a curated hell. Everything going into the city-state is carefully controlled and restricted, including electricity, water, food, medicine, and certainly anything outwardly helpful in building armaments. 

Lesson: impoverished, abused, overmatched-on-paper underdogs can do the seemingly impossible; David did manage to find that rock, after all. Again, if other parties are wise – and re-electing a bloodthirsty scumbag criminal doesn’t exactly reek of wisdom – they will make peace with the “neighbors,” to use lovely Gal Gadot’s term. Otherwise, from the river to the sea, what will be is what will be.


On their behalf or orders from London or DC, the drag queen’s terrorists launched a couple of ancient S-300 missiles into Przewodow last week, hitting a barn. This reinforces the old saying about Ukranazis not being able to hit the side of a barn – unless they’re shooting at a fertilizer depot.

The operation quickly fizzled. While the MSM instantaneously blamed Putin and insisted nuclear annihilation was imminent, they soon backed off. Even the zombie in the White House had to admit the incident was a Kievian fluke. But was it? Was it, perhaps, a spectacular failure? 

I heard a rumor over the weekend, one I can’t confirm but which makes some logistical sense. The NATO-Nazis, having it handed to them in horrible slow motion, are desperate enough to try flying a major false flag. They keep peppering away at that dam on the Dnieper and attempting to destroy the cooling system at the ZNP. They’ve evidently planned the use of a dirty bomb or a small nuclear device, a plan evidently known to Sergei Shoigu. Would they be willing to settle for a conventional explosion powerful enough to be blamed on atomic fission?

The rumor, from a former spook, suggested that liddle Ze targeted a fertilizer depot in Przewodow and missed. One may recall the effect of such an explosion in Beirut a few years ago when 3,000 tons of ammonium nitrate detonated with about 1/7th the power of the bomb the satanic Yankee empire dropped on the church in Nagasaki. Lebanon’s problems started with bureaucratic stupidity and ended with the Arab version of Cleetus discarding a cigarette. However, many still maintain it was a nebulous “mini” nuke. If there had been 300, or even just 30 tons of fertilizer in Przewodow, and it had detonated, then it would have caused extreme damage and potentially given NATO an excuse to greenlight a mass suicide. 

Don’t bother; I already Googled “is there 3,000, 300, or even 30 tons of fertilizer in…” They surely wouldn’t tell us. But there are at least three commercial agricultural fertilizer facilities 10 – 15 km west and north of the tiny hamlet. Information about quantities and types is unavailable, but these works are operated by Progress-Chem, ProCam, and Agrotel. Also, on the main drag through Przewodow, where it arcs north and east, three sites bear some visual resemblance to the known stations. There’s no telling at this point, though it is distinctly possible the attack could have gone in a much more dangerous direction.

The grand lesson from the fluke, failure, or simple barn blasting is that even crappy, older SAMs can run, semi-effectively, STS. It has happened before, and apparently only takes recalibration and/or proper targeting. Some modern systems have the feature built-in. Not that this lesson (nor any of the others) means anything to anyone. Yet. 

I suppose that’s a wrap for this week. Happy Thanksgiving, America.