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The Saker provides excellent analysis, as usual, about the Turkish retaliation against for the CIA’s bombing in Ankara.

Something quite amazing has just happened.  Following the terrorist attack in Ankara which 34 people and injured another 125, Turkish authorities first declared that they will not accept US condolences.  Then the Turks then launched a military operation against “Kurdish terrorists in northern Syria“.  Turkey then claimed to have neutralized 184 terrorists.

What is not mentioned in those articles is that the target of the Turkish strike was the US-run center for the training and education of PKK militants in Rojava.  There are rumors that the Turks gave the US enough warning time to evacuate most of its personnel.

Does that sound familiar?

Why, yes it does! This episode could easily become number five on my summary list of recent happenings. See that, here, tomorrow at the usual column time, and soon at Reckonin’. NATO and the EU are indeed falling apart. Here’s to hoping the USSA joins them sooner than later. I wonder what RAND’s model would say about Lee’s Army of Virginia of 1863 v. the LGBT- imperial brigades of today?