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If You Vote


Next week, there’s another big, fun, exciting, and utterly meaningless election a-coming! In keeping with the prevailing stupidity, the fed-posters are ramping up their activities accordingly. I found THIS tripe on the alt socials. J6 set-ups on steroids, the Sheriffs(!), USA. INC., and muh holy constitution. It leans, I’ll admit, in a noble direction. Then it stumbles and falls on itself in a fashion only a Boomer-con could find plausible. My advice? Just wait and stand fast. And don’t vote. 

B-b-but, if we don’t voat!!!! Shut up. I’ve been cognizant of US electoral politics since about 1980, and it’s truly done and over. If one really can’t remember just two years ago, then know that the 2020 election was stolen, and the theft was ratified and accepted. They perfected the system they’d been playing with for decades. And it worked. And nothing was done about it. Over. Finished.

B-b-but, GOP gonna sweep! Shut. Up. Pulling from the dead and decayed 1994 playbook, the Republicants once again offer the Contract With America! Excuse me, now it’s the Commitment To America! Or the Covenant With The Dupes. Something. So what? If the GOP, one or both houses, exactly what will they change? What will they do? How will it be any different than the last umpteen times they controlled Congress? It won’t. 

Demoncrats, CON-servatives, and libertardians can believe anything they like. None of it matters. That’s because the USSA only has, has only had for a while now, one damned party in charge. And it’s not even a political party anymore. In fact, I genuinely suspect they do not need the politicians at this point, other than to wave around each November for the hickory-headed rubes. The era of American politics is over. If any Christian, nationalist threat arose to the power of the oligarchy, or to the extent it already has, then they would move mountains to suppress it. There are no viable alternatives; it’s merely a choice of evils. One doesn’t really have a choice, as the elections are rigged; FAUX reported the outcome of the AZ gubernatorial race – oops!- 12 days before the election. This is, love it or loathe it, the post-political age. 

The empire is in terminal collapse – meaning that nothing can stop the decline and fall. And, the fall should be welcomed, because the sooner it is over, the sooner sane, rational people can build new societies. Let it collapse. On its own. That means, without your pointless participation. 

Our real enemies, the deviant little monsters who have destroyed the American nation and who are rapidly bringing the empire to an end, know they are losing. They’re desperate. One of the few things they look forward to is the continuing endorsement of the masses. Therefore, do participate. Let the evil they do be theirs alone.

But, if you do vote, then consider the following.

If you vote, you are proving yourself to be stupid and faithless.

If you vote, you are making yourself, if ever so slightly, complicit in the general crimes.

If you vote, you are openly, perhaps proudly advertising to the cabal that you are a weak, compliant, meek, and mildly useful servant. 

If you vote, you are rubber-stamping the evils of 1787, 1861, 1913, 1965, 2001, 2020, and so on.

If you vote, you are supporting the debt, democracy, and demographic obliteration of your people (whoever they are).

If you vote, you are saluting the tiny, wicked, retarded, foreign rats and rodent accomplices who have brought ruin upon the American nation, the United States political entity, and much of the rest of the world.

If you vote, you are voting for the only government in history to drop an atomic bomb on a church. (They’re itching to drop more)!

If you vote, you are supporting war after war after war.

If you vote, you are supporting war crime after war crime after war crime.

If you vote, you are supporting pure, luciferian usury and the complete theft of all real value remaining in the economy.

If you vote, you are agreeing with the ongoing and massive invasion of the US.

If you vote, you are supporting corruption in everything and from all directions.

If you vote, you will lend aid to the terrorists who attacked the US on 9/11.

If you vote, you are lending credibility to the cult that ran every bio-pys-ops, from Tuskegee to C19.

If you vote, you are supporting the altar of Moloch indoctrination camps and retardation centers known as “schools.”

If you vote, you are legitimizing the wholesale sodomitical degeneration of all society and culture.

If you vote, you are enabling weasels like [insert a name: “Biden,” Pelosi, Clinton, Trump, Bush, McConnell, Schumer, et cetera].

If you vote, you are practically begging to surrender any last rights you may have, by chance, retained.

If you vote, you are willingly accepting your status as a slave.

If you vote, you are assisting those who openly hate you, want you dead or enslaved, have spent many years trying to enslave and/or kill you, and have enslaved and killed many others over many years.

If you vote, you are actively suborning open satanism.

Don’t do that. Please stop supporting our enemies. Instead, keep the faith and the hope, and prepare for the eventual rebirth and rebuilding.

*The preceding is obviously not endorsed by or associated with any of the civilization averse enemies of Jesus Christ and decent mankind.