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I need to do a better job promoting the work and thinking of Giuseppe “The Kurgan” Filotto. He has the wicked whore Emily Oster dead to rights, here:

Literally it would take you only a couple of hours to gather multiple and irrefutable evidence of each of the aspects of the points I mentioned above with merely a few searches online.

But Emily is supposedly too stupid, lazy and incompetent to do this. That is what she would have you believe. I for one don’t buy it. I believe she is intentionally trying to run cover for the mass-murdering pieces of shit that cajoled, forced, lied and propagandised millions and millions or even a few billion people, into taking deadly genetic serums that have since been demonstrated to kill you in a variety of ways, destroy your immune system, have Graphite oxide in them, and strains of HIV parallel things in them.

No Emily. We will not forgive or forget any one of these mass-murdering, satanic, freemasonic, evil, corrupt, puppets and frauds of Karl Schwab and WEF and Bill Gates and Epstein and their sort.

Nor will we forgive or forget “journalists” like you, Emily. No one will.

We know, and we remember.

Oster’s retarded filth in The Atlantic declares, “we need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID.” That’s BS, and it is inapplicable to those who were never in the dark to begin with. What we need is a declaration of war on the satanists behind this and so many other evils afflicting the world. The sovereign nations are making smashing headway in that regard. Won’t it be nice when the rest of us fully join them? After the war, we can and must address the war crimes. We need to deal harshly with those who did and said from darkness.

BTW, if you are a Christian, read and consider Filotto’s honest dissections of 1958, V2, and the nature of Sedevacantism.