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The “Nation’s Report Card” looks as bad as ever. LOL!

Though it appears Georgia minimized learning setbacks more than other states did, it ended up in the same place as the rest of the nation. The state’s average scores, which include only public schools, were within a point or two of the national public school average in every area.

Overall, it means COVID-19 brought the rest of the country down to Georgia’s level.

And the U.S. educational system was by no means a beacon before COVID-19, Cardona said. “The pandemic simply made it worse. It took poor performance and dropped it down even further.”

The US “education” system is doing what it was intended to do. The hoax only shone a bright light on the insidious evil. If you keep your kids in this premeditated evil, if you willingly tolerate the evil, then you are joining and committing the evil. Do not do that.