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One wonders if they played Ray Steven’s Mississippi Squirrel Revival at the big hootenanny in PA.

Since April of last year, the ReAwaken America Tour has brought together fanatical-election deniers, anti-vaccine doctors, self-proclaimed prophets and conspiracy theorists to enthusiastic crowds across the country. The central message is that America’s white, evangelical Christian lifestyle is under threat from the globalist cabal on the “awake” on the left.

The Traveling Carnival of Misinformation mixes entertainment, politics, and theology and creates an existential argument for attendees: The debate is no longer about Republicans versus Democrats, they say, it is about good versus evil. And it’s time to choose a side.

Since its inception, the tour has been condemned by mainstream religious leaders for its extremist views. Community concerns have forced its organizers to relocate venues twice, in New York and Washington state. The Anti-Defamation League has targeted this in a report.

Read all about it. At the outset, let me say that if the child rape and murder apologists at the ADL are against you, you must be doing at least a little something right. Ditto for receiving castigation from big, fake religion, big, fake academia, and assorted “mainstream” losers. Double ditto if the CIA MSM calls your revival the “Traveling Carnival of Misinformation.”

That said, something in this phenomenon feels familiar. I sense great grifting and misdirection. $500 for a VIP what now? Jesus didn’t hawk merchandise or golden tickets. It’s like a little gospel of prosperity mixed with bad practical politics. Jesus is also not a Republican’t, and I imagine he’d lump them in with the children of the devil, liars, thieves, and murderers to the end.

Much about this affair would appear to indicate judeo-churchianity, rather than literal Christianity. Beware false, second, or double Baptisms! Also, I’m not convinced these folks are into legitimate nationalism of the omni variety. For instance, they’re probably okay with, happy about even, Israel’s latest illegal crime of aggression against Syria. And I doubt many of these people could accurately define, for American nationalistic purposes, exactly who the Americans are.

In their defense, and outside the MSM hit piece, they have had a healthy roster of speakers in the past – along with some weaker choices. And they get it right when they say the landscape has shifted from Republican’t v. Demoncrat to Christians v. satanists. Rather, they say it’s about good versus evil, and that a side needs to be picked. True. Still, in the post-political age, fighting a spiritual war against the devil, the general consensus appears to be … vOaT REPUBLICAN(T)! “I mean, sure, they done stole our ‘lection the last time. But, we’ll just vote harder!

There’s an element of insincerity. Or of unreality. Paster What’s-his-name: “We’re in a war. It’s a battle! We have to win! And, I mean we win this battle in a war by voting, and NOT by violence or anything. We’ll only get rough and rowdy if the FedGov comes fer our gunz! Just kidding! No, we’ll give those up without a fight too…

I suppose if one is a Boomer, civic nationalist, pseudo-Christian protester, then this might be about as good as it will get. Reminds one of the fall of the Tea Party, no? And if it makes some otherwise decent people feel good, then it’s at least good for that. And again, if the devil’s ADL is angry with you, then you’re doing something right – just don’t apologize for anything.