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They’re literally making the nonsense up about RuSsIa. That is, making it up from long-standing plans, projection, and late redirecting.

The Hill ran a literally fantastic article about the Rooskies being the reeeeal Nazis, the coming magic defeat of Russia, and carving Russia up into (5) neat smaller slave states to be ruled over by neocon satanists. They left out the pre-existing neo-Trotskyite scheme to do the same. Sloppy at best.

Then the CIA WSJ told a wild one about – wait for it – RUSSIA!!! using a dirty nuke against Ukraine. Russia being the same country with 6,000+ perfectly operational standard nukes. And, all of this comes just after Russia’s man at the UN warned of the same scheme, in much more believable fashion, planned by the desperate Ukranazis. I seem to have covered the same, and more, in my last column.

Again, the heuristic works almost flawlessly: whatever the MSM says is a lie, and frequently the truth is the opposite of what they’re lying about. Lies, by the way, don’t win global wars. Sovereign nations do that.