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This is a kind of update to my week’s column. Russia, “they” said, was all out of missiles. The barrage of missiles last week only proved that Russia was out of missiles, they said. Now?

Needless to say, that massive missile strikes by Russia continue all over 404 and there are reports of massive explosions and power outages in Nikolaev and other places, plus Kiev remains to be targeted. And, as was expected, all VSU attempts to perform “offensives” have been repelled with massive losses for VSU, including at Kremennaya and Svatovo (in Russian), but NATO–let’s drop the pretense here–will try to throw as much cannon fodder at Russian formations as possible because they need something, like “breakthrough” in some sectors, because the Midterms are coming and Russians are amassing troops for obvious things. Time is running out.

I suppose they will now say this means Russia is REALLY out of missiles. The usual suspects are desperate, crazy, and evil. And their time really is running out.

Winter is going to be many things, but boring isn’t one of them.