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Is there any part of post-modern life that cannot be improved by computers?! Meet the new AI landlord.

On a summer day last year, a group of real estate tech executives gathered at a conference hall in Nashville to boast about one of their company’s signature products: software that uses a mysterious algorithm to help landlords push the highest possible rents on tenants.

“Never before have we seen these numbers,” said Jay Parsons, a vice president of RealPage, as conventiongoers wandered by. Apartment rents had recently shot up by as much as 14.5%, he said in a video touting the company’s services. Turning to his colleague, Parsons asked: What role had the software played?

I’m sure there’s absolutely no danger of price collusion or anything. And, at a time when Americans are simply swimming in cash, why not?

As the price of everything soars due to the terminal effects of an economy based on usury and black magic, it would be nice if there was a similar program aimed at increasing wages. Gold-Silver-1952 Housing-PayStar! Maybe just PayStar. Right now, the minimum anyone should be paid anywhere in the US is about $75,000, or $37.50 per hour. The average should be closer to $300K. But something tells me that someone would find collusion in doing that.