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A Narrative Blasted to Pieces


As my homage to a bygone era, I used to have the Sludge Report under my browser’s “news” tab. Then, once even the pretense of tabloid-accurate reporting departed, I deleted the site. However, as I like a good laugh now and again, I found myself periodically checking in for all the hype, hysteria, and idiocy fit to print. Therefore, I recently re-added Sludge to the daily lineup; now, it’s under “comics,” just below Arkhaven.

Sludge’s reporting on NATO’s war on the free world has, all year, bordered on sci-fi fantasy. Since last month’s greatest counter-offensive in history, we’ve been treated to headlines implying Ukraine mounted the greatest counter-offensive in history. And that Putin was on the ropes. Or that Putin was dead. Or that Putin was dying. Or that Russia was dying. Et cetera. The point was, contrary to reality, that Russia was all but defeated. This week, as the missiles flew in for the season, the narrative had to change.

From Sludge, Oct. 11, 2022:

    • Russia’s brutal missile assaults enter second day…
    • Just miles from NATO border…
    • Kremlin war hawks demand more…
    • ‘Bomb back to 19th century’…
    • Biden scrambles to avert cracks in coalition…
    • Poland carries out checks on bomb shelters…
    • Moscow military ‘exhausted,’ Putin’s judgment ‘flawed,’ UK spy chief says…
    • Desperate Vlad’s double trouble…
    • Zelensky Pleads for More Help
    • Death Rains From Sky
    • Missiles and Drones
    • Rapid Escalation

Sludge also is great at mixing in utterly irrelevant nonsense to confuse the dupes (“Ye” v da Jooooos, etc.). And note that, even as Russia and Putin were previously dead and defeated, they are still exhausted and flawed – despite being able to rain hell and rapidly escalate. One has to wonder whether just a few of the former headlines were a little less than truthful. That, or one simply knows.

Over at MOA, Bernard recently listed some of the fake news headlines about Russia having run out of missiles. Here’s just one-fifth of them:

    • Russia running short on guided missiles, firing indiscriminately – Ukraine – Jerusalem Post – March 17, 2022
    • Has Russia Run Out of Precision-Guided Missiles? – SOFREP – May 23, 2022
    • Putin left scratching head as Russia RUNS OUT of missiles to make ground attacks – Express – Jul 23, 2022
    • Ukraine Situation Report: Kyiv Claims Russia Is Running Low On Missiles – The Drive – Aug 27, 2022
    • Out Of Missiles! Russia Is Left With ‘Limited Stock’ Of Hypersonic Weapons Due To Microchip Shortage – Ukraine – Eurasian Times – Sep 7, 2022

All that, the whole list, all of the MSM reporting all year, is known as propaganda. It’s also called hasbera, bullshit, and lying. All of it is designed to reinforce the narrative that the mighty Werewest is defeating the evil Russkis through the Nazi proxies in Ukraine. The truth is a little different.

Russia is steadily achieving her goals in the SMO. Four new regions and millions of Russians have been added back to Russia. They’ll add even more. The NATO-backed Nazis are being disarmed and eliminated. They will be disarmed and eliminated. NATO has been shown to be weak, pathetic, incompetent, and evil. Europe, due to the collective wickedness and stupidity of its leadership, may well freeze and starve this winter. The USSA, while in better shape than Germany and France (for now), has been revealed to one and all as what it really is – a land of fat retards ruled over by insane satanists. The Amero-Anglo-Ziocon monopoly stranglehold over international finance and monetary policy, with all of its “rules-based” rules and disorder, has been broken. Forever.

Now the tenor and tempo of the SMO is changing. Rumor has it that the Russian ultimatum to NATO/Ukraine may be coming down before too long. And while the clearly-stated goals will continue to be met, there is the very real possibility that the scope may change – it may have already changed – so as to include a CTO, a counter terrorism operation. That’s because the Werewest, through Kiev, has been reduced to the level of a terrorist organization.

Terrorism is popular because it works. It’s cheap, easy, and there are always more targets than men guarding the targets. Yet it is rather unbecoming of a nation-state or a collection of states to engage in such activity when they ordinarily would utilize conventional military tactics. Ukraine and the Werewest resorting to terrorism indicates that it is they, and not Russia, who are all but defeated.

Of course, the Werewest, the USSA in particular, has a long and massive history of terrorism. That history includes, but is not limited to: ISIS, Al-CIA-da, 9/11 (Northwoods), the entire GWOT, the Great Replacement, C19, the murder of Darya Dugina, the Nordstream bombings, and now, the Kerch Bridge bombing. All of these hideously evil events and campaigns indicate an empire in the throes of collapse, wildly thrashing about in search of any victims with which to share its death pangs. Those last three, and a few others, were partially or fully directed at the Russian Federation. Hence, this week’s “blowback” in the 404.

The bridge was the final straw. The attack was allegedly carried out by the Ukranazis with copious planning, financing, assistance, and direction from MI6. In addition to the renewed vigor in the SMO, arrests are underway. One wonders how long the retaliation will remain limited to only the Ukies. Time will tell. But, with the new intensification and the reserve mobilization, it is pretty obvious that Moscow intends to crank up a new and hot phase of the operation. It may already be in progress.

A secondary Russian objective, heretofore, was to minimize any and all civilian casualties. They’ll still try to do that, but I think it now falls into third place, behind first, winning in general, and second, the new focus on utterly eradicating the terrorists. The gloves are slipping now. Here, your author advises all those good guys still in the West – there are more than a few – to ease up on wanting Russia to go the full and total war route. They have their ways. They ways are a little different than … not “ours,” but rather, what our foreign controllers have lulled into accepting for so many decades. Their ways work – as seen in the new, panicked headlines at Sludge.

There are, of course, other fronts in the global war against satanic terrorism. More on that as it develops. Closer to home, the pentagram has announced it is still fighting the “lost cause” against the Confederate States of America. Nine imperial army bases of occupation shall be renamed in keeping with the general decline. Goodbye, Forts Hood, Gordon, and Lee. Hello, Forts (George “Big Boi”) Floyd, (Harvey) Milk, and (Leo) Frank? 

It’s a wild ride with few dull moments.

BONUS: Weapons of War:

Remember when Brandon held his Nazi satanic blood rally? Yeah, worth forgetting. But in one of his threats to the American people, he boasted that to take on a government one needs F-15s. F-15s. Not F-35s. Was that a little truth slipping in? Probably. The F(U) 35 is one of the worst aircraft designs ever, a literal piece of paperweight junk. Odds are it’s being scrapped right now. News came that the pentagram had “suddenly” discovered a Chinese part in the paperweight. There was no surprise because the FU-35 is full of foreign parts, parts that the USSA can no longer make at home. And, so, all new orders have been canceled. One imagines the existing paperweights will soon head for the boneyard. Another wunderwaffe undone. For all the tens of trillions of dollars wasted the past decades on the Werewestern militaries, they have precious few operational systems to show for it. And little to no capacity to build new ones. That is part of the fear and panic they face now that they are confronted by a peer(+?).

There’s all kinds of Zelensky-led hysteria about getting MoAr WeApOnS from the Werewest to include “advanced” air defenses. Some speak of NASAMs. Few of these weapons will go to the 404, because their operational ineffectiveness and near-instant destruction will be clear to all and sundry. Some Ukie demanded Israel send an Iron Dome system – as if there are plenty lying around to send. The response from the IDF, oddly candid, was that the ID is barely capable of stopping a slim majority of the bottle rockets fired by Hamas and would be 100% ineffective against Russia hardware. Magic thinking and magic weapons do not yield magic results.

The NATO Nazis have been providing ISR to the Ukies via aircraft and dozens of ( mostly US) military spy satellites and a few hundred commercial comm models (largely from the Musk Man’s Starlink). Russia eliminated Starlink on Monday. All of the other satellites are vunerable too. Several free discussion forums of the alternative (truthful) media have this week noticed that most of the resident trolls have vanished. It’s hard to troll when you have no electricity or internet.

Once again, and again and again, Russia is not Iraq or the Taliban. The USSA and NATO have no experience fighting a war against a peer(+?), and it shows. AND! Unlike Iraq and the Taliban, if push comes to shove, Russia can shove hard – in the USSA and every other NATO country. Hopefully, it won’t come to that, but these are things to think about. For those who can still think. For those who can’t, enjoy the narrative pendulum.