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Brandon, or whoever controls Brandon, has released its National Security “Strategy.” If you find yourself having difficulty falling asleep one night, then consider it 48 pages of counting sheep.

This grand plan represents many things. One, it is a make-work project for make-work federal employees. Two, it is a self-deluding list of fantasy nonsense. Three, it is a compilation of lies and misdirection intended to make any dull-witted ‘Murican unfortunate enough to try reading it feelz gud(!) bout dey coun-tree! It also, in not-so-clever fashion, obscures many of the dying empire’s worst crimes and mistakes. Four, it is an NPC-SWJ-friendly list of buzzwords, false creeds, and cliches. It is 99% lie, with some truth available upon copious sifting and reading between the lines.

What’s in it:

  • Nation of immigrants;
  • DEMOCRACY!!!,;
  • $$$$$$$$$!!!;
  • Hate, bad;
  • Inclusion, good;
  • DIEversity!;
  • Israel;
  • (Gospel of) Prosperity;
  • Muh GDP…

What’s not:

  • Truth;
  • Any reference to Christianity;
  • Truth;
  • Any future for true Western civilization;
  • Truth…

Having suffered through several of Brandon’s babblings, and having thereby learned that White American Men are the gravest threat to national security, I was surprised to see a complete lack of any reference to said gravest threat. (Maybe there’ll be an addendum?)

The two primary focuses are 1) out-competing China, and 2) containing Russia. Had this plan been implemented in 1970 or even 1990, then those two might have been plausible. Today, they are not. Those horses have bolted, and our democratic, inclusive, gay, hate-less portion of the barn is on fire. The only area where the empire can still outcompete China is in evil. And the entire weight of the empire and its vassals thrown against just 12% of Russia’s conventional military capability is insufficient to slow Russia’s natural national interest building in one small corner of the distant world.

Keep in mind that this is the dead empire that could barely contain the mighty nation of Grenada and could not outcompete the Taliban. It has no chance against the stronger, smarter, more determined, more technically-advanced, militarily superior, and more moral Christian Russians. It has no chance against the more numerous, smarter, more advanced, more sane, less degenerate, and economically-dominant Noble Pagan/steadily, slowly drifting Christian Chinese. Every single point made by the empire in furtherance of these two goals has already failed. Soundly. Permanently.

The rest is pure garbage that the USSA cannot deliver on and which the rest of the world does not want anymore.

A far better strategy would have been to address the least painful ways to wind-down the empire. For instance, there are ways to avert great pain concerning the in-progress economic collapse. Nothing will be done. In fact, nothing will be done about any of the real issues confronting real Americans – except to make them worse when or if possible.

As for all of the lies – 99% – this scheme is in perfect keeping with what has come to pass, these last ten decades or so, for “truth” in the empire. Larry Romanov has published a fantastic summary of just a few of the lies and distortions that have come to (mis)define American life and times. Read that; it’s a far better way to spend one’s time.

One of the conditions of Western society today in which all citizens are immersed, is that the lie has become the truth and the truth a lie. The lies that have become the truth, emanate primarily from governments and corporations, while the truths which are lies are on the part of the people. These latter are at the very least “misinformation” bordering on domestic terrorism, the telling of which is attracting increasingly onerous and even frightening repressive and punitive measures. We seem to be 80% of the way to the end game.

I cannot be certain but, delving back into my memory, this condition seems to have appeared or at least gained enormous vigor around 1980, the time of “The Great Transformation” of Western society. That was the time when all of the West took an alarming turn to the extreme political Right. There have always been lies of course, from governments, militaries, corporations, religions, and by the media themselves but, prior to 1980, such events would have been rare, scandalous, and considered unforgivable, and possibly heads would have rolled somewhere. But today, lies are the norm, the accepted response to all challenges, and the media are absolutely in the front lines. Today, the lies are so common they seem to elicit no response. We Westerners have become so inured that we no longer resist or protest although, in fairness, our protests today would be futile.

The extreme political right, it turns out, had nothing to do with the spiritual and cultural right. Right became wrong. And lies became truth, as Larry notes. The end game is right around the corner. And it does not look pleasant or civilized. But, for the Remnant, it will usher in a chance to rebuild, cleanse, and flourish. For one thing, a genuine strategy of national security, will necessitate first getting back to the nation(s).