I am not kidding in any way or making mere rhetorical banter when I say cannibalism is the final stripe on the devil’s lgbtqvpC rainbow. Another example from India.

A “throuple” in India is accused of murdering, torturing, and later consuming parts of two women police say they slaughtered to satisfy their own deranged sexual cravings.

There are many reasons why the luciferians want people like this to inundate the West. This is one of them, a tale of degeneracy, rape, witchcraft, and and “consumption.” As I have been warning the libertards and the cucks, you might end up being the “tasty ethnic food” you’ve been making excuses for as you tolerate invasion and decline.

BTW, “throuple” is another shade that already slipped in while the brave cucks were bowing to and tolerating the more mundane varieties of freaks. Give it five years and churchians and republiCONs will be indignantly shouting: “Democrats are the real osophobes!