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Vox has put some of the retarded predictions form the usual suspect on the record. I predict that every one of them will totally fail and probably by sometime next year.

But, here, the ziocons and the NATO Nazis and the rest of the trash get right to the ultimate scheme.

Putin deposed, Russia broken up, and NATO in a face-off with China: As Ukraine sees a path toward victory and a desperate Vladimir hits the panic button, expert argues THIS is how the war could end.

I put bold emphasis on the real, previously-stated goal of the tiny, weak, stupid servants of satan. They lust to carve Russia into five smaller countries, each a slave state controlled by guess who. What they’re going to do instead, in reality, is destroy the West, breaking up the EU and sooner or later, the US.

These people are legitimately stupid and evil. At least the majority of the world is being freed from their control. Go, Russia, go!