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Mira Terada is onto something:

Today, before our eyes, illiterate, embittered people are destroying the legacy of the past. Many have given up, because the most important monuments have already been destroyed, but we ourselves did not defend our shrines, we were indifferent. If this continues, we will soon be “demolished” from the face of the Earth.

We cannot give up we must try to save the legacy of our past, and this can only be done by uniting!

Calm down, George Floyd. She’s talking about something else.

In order to save monuments in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland from vandals, it is necessary to draw UNESCO’s attention to this problem. In 2003, after the barbaric destruction of Buddha statues by the Taliban in Afghanistan, UNESCO adopted a major Declaration on the Deliberate Destruction of Cultural Heritage.

But yes, the USSA is a signatory – not that its signature is worth anything. The Declaration.

I. Recognition of the importance of cultural heritage

The international community recognizes the importance of the protection of cultural heritage and reaffirms its commitment to fight against its intentional destruction in any form so that such cultural heritage may be transmitted to the succeeding generations.

I recall there may be some monuments to something under attack outside of Latvia and Poland.