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The Importance of Voting in a Democratic Society


Like Gandalf before the Black Gate, any who dare read a paper, watch the telly, or scroll a news site must endure taunts and insults from the many Mouths of Mordor – regarding most all things, but especially concerning elections and politics. 

Oddly, very oddly, the emissaries of Barad-dur on the Potomac, who can’t normally speak without chirping about “freedom and democracy,” don’t really like those things when they’re actually practiced. At least not when the practice is by those deemed less-than-worthy of Washington’s rosy, loving, deadly gaze. 

The good people of Italy appear to be a little more intelligent than the French, having elected (by the time this runs(?)) Giorgia “Mamma Calda!” Meloni and her coalition of the right. What passes for the Western media decries a rise of “fascism.” Quaint… Likewise, when the people of Lugansk, Donetsk, Zaporozhy, and Kherson exercised, over the weekend and earlier this week, their freedom and democracy by voting (97 – 98% in favor) to join the Russian Federation, satan’s little administration and media puppets squeaked pitifully that the whole thing was a sham that they just refused (huffing like a miffed 13-year-old girl) to accept. Hmmm. It’s almost like they’re lying hypocrites and they only feign interest in electoral freedom when it serves their master’s interests. Very, very odd.

A few words of advice about all that!

To the little, chirping, squeaking luciferians: No. One Cares. Go to hell.

To the proud Russians, new and old: Rock on! Stand strong and be free.

To the Italians: Like the French, the Germans, the Finnish, the British, and the USians, you are obviously under a curse, as indicated by the fact your only real hope comes in the shapely form of a shapely woman. Remember that under God’s law it’s your fault, and that Meloni herself is the indication, not the curse. Take this as a sign that a change – a BIG change – was and is mandatory. Do not sleep; keep taking action.

To the Hon. PM Meloni: Reverse the curse. Boot the invaders, ditch the EU, kill the sanctions, make usury a felony, and you’re very pretty. (Pre-pub update: already the signals are mixed… Wait and see).

Well, that’s that. Another electoral season in the books, and— Oh, yeah, we still have ‘Murica this November.

This meme reminded me of a august personal bit of history:

In his day – which has passed – RP was an important catalyst. He was, I still maintain, the last, best hope for preserving any vestige of the Old Republic. I felt that, and strongly, in 2008 and 2012. Therefore, when wasting my time, energy, and vote in those two presidential elections, I wrote-in Dr. Paul. One might recall that he was very popular heading into and through the GOP primaries, but he was shafted by the party (as Bernie was by the DNC in 2016 and 2020), because his was most-definitely not the allowable style of the Dark State. 

Yes, I know. I’ve written about it. Trump slipped in at the last and did what he could. But he was the last hope, as compared to the last, best hope. In hindsight, I realize that by 2008 the shadows had fallen and perhaps there really was no hope. Still, it didn’t stop me from proudly scoffing at Bathhouse Barry, Hanoi John, Mittens, (and Gary Johnson(?)), and typing “The Hon. Dr. Ron Paul of Texas” on the stupid little, easily-manipulated voting screen. I left knowing my guy would lose, though I felt confident in my choice. Honestly, what other choice was there? It turns out there was no choice.

That, both elections, was back when I lived in the former American state of Georgia, which was corrupt then as it is doomed now. However, in November 2012, for whatever reason I happened to pass by the board of elections office a few days after the election. Again, for whatever reason I decided to go in and check on matters. By then, I knew Dr. Paul didn’t make it. But I still wanted to know. I asked the head bureaucrat at the front desk how many votes Paul received. Without looking at anything and without hesitation, she said, “zero.” Zero in my county and zero state-wide.

When I sheepishly said he had at least one, mine, she directed my attention to Georgia’s sham election laws, which plainly state that only “official” write-ins, pre-conforming to exacting regulations counted, and that RP wasn’t an “official” write-in candidate, and thus, no votes for him were tallied. In the devil’s defense, it’s not, I suppose, like we have and had computers that can instantly, effortlessly sort out and classify a few dozen (or million) independent electoral choices. Of all people, I should have known the law. In my defense, I stupidly believed the fairytale about “every vote counts.” On behalf of the wicked, retarded government of Georgia, the woman told me my vote did not count. 

My vote did not count. You may not live in Georgia – and thank the Lord if you don’t – but the odds are that your state has similar stupid laws. Play by the house rules, or else your vote doesn’t count. In other words, it’s rigged bullshit. It has been for a long time.

So, this November, I will celebrate my tenth anniversary … as a NON-voter! As a child, I liked fairytales, but I don’t believe in them, live by them, or feel obligated to support them. Furthermore, I absolutely refuse to support a system of pure evil. I will not participate.

In the increasingly unlikely event I ever find myself living in a free and civilized society, then I will certainly reconsider my position. 

If you, whatever your circumstances, feel like you should continue to support “your” faction of the uniparty, then by all means, go right ahead. In a few – a very, very few – local matters, voting might literally accomplish something good. However, at the state level, probably in all states, and absolutely at the national level, there is literally no point to or honest, reasonable justification for voting. I will not even begin to address the idiocy of “b-b-but, if we don’t elect R, then D wins!” I also won’t begin to address the obvious fact that three bears did not live in a house and make porridge. I also don’t care about third non-parties, whether named “Green,” or just smoking green, just as I refuse to discuss the logistics of climbing a magic beanstalk to the clouds. (Now, if you’re four, and I have no options, I guess we could talk about cows, harps, and the luck of widow’s sons…).

Allow me to let you in on a little secret. America and the United States are over. It’s done and gone. You and I are out of nice, polite, legal and political options. Right now, we’re just waiting. For what? I think we all know. For when? I think we’ll know – and sooner than later. As-is, unlike in those in the Donbass regions, American elections really are sham affairs. A little crooked meddling probably went into most of them, even in the early days of the founding. There was a slight incident between 1861 and 1865. But since at least the 1950s, centralized corruption has systematically crept into this institution as it has into all others. It culminated in the outright coup and color revolution of 2020. If you think that one and only one election has been and will be rigged and stolen, then you have an imagination to rival the Grimm Brothers. 

One might have noticed that the several last elections have generally changed nothing for the better, regardless of who nominally wins. That is because, and I tire of repeating this, the system serves only itself and its masters (and their one, dark master). It does not serve nor care in the slightest about us. However one votes, Moloch wins. Again, if you’re okay with that, then it’s on you. 

You and I and America will not vote our way out of this terminal predicament. In fact, now, the voting doesn’t matter at all. We have sadly entered into not just the post-ideological age, but also into the post-political age. The politicians themselves, be they in DC, Atlanta, Boston, Albany, Austin, or Sacramento, don’t matter anymore. The dread thing of foreigners and women we have stupidly, weakly allowed to conquer us simply has no need for representative leaders. The ones who are currently in office are there in name only, only to serve the cabal, and no one in the cabal even pretends that they matter anymore. See Brandon, whom literally nobody genuinely believes is in charge of anything. For that matter, see also the Trump, who fought the system, was thwarted by the system, and removed by the system. 

I’m back to where I was two or three years ago. You, dear voters, can elect your D. Or your R. Or both of them at once. And nothing will get better. The great news is that this interregnum, in concert with the general collapse, cannot last very long. When it is over, and after things have been rebuilt, I sincerely hope that one day our children and grandchildren will enjoy the sovereign freedoms that the men and women in Lugansk fight so hard for today. And, do note that they vote for it, and they fight for it. Fight; the heroes in those old children’s stories generally were not passive wimps.

Lay low. Hope on. Prepare to rise.