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The World’s Smartest Man beats down the world’s richest gamma and his micro-parasite friends:

Unfortunately, however, Uncle Bill has other potentially more dangerous irons in the fire. For example, he has previously mentioned plans to use mosquitoes as nifty little flying syringes to deliver contagious, insect-transmissible “vaccines” to human populations who, if unwisely left to their own devices, might not be disposed to obediently line up at “vaccine” dispensaries to be pumped full of the vaccine du jour. The thing about mosquitoes, you see, is that when they’re hungry, they don’t take no for an answer. The only way to stop the voracious little creatures from injecting you with whatever they’re carrying is to either stand them off with bug repellent and mosquito netting or simply swat them, which is effective only when you’re really fast and don’t miss.

Being determined to accelerate their Save-the-Earth Green-Machine Depopulation Agenda, our planetary oligarchs regard vaccine resistance and vaccination non-compliance as “serious problems”. Bill’s genius-caliber flying syringe / contagious vaccine idea promises to take the bite right out of them, and it’s “Mr. Technology” William Henry Gates III to the rescue once again! (Actually, Bill shares the Mr. Technology title with Wonderboy Elon Mu$k, but they both work for exactly the same parasitic globalists planet-saving “humanitarians” and have pretty much the same “world-saving”, world-grabbing agenda.)

The $64,000,000 question is, does Raid work on globo scum?