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Maybe the USSA didn’t defeat the Noble Confederacy 157 years ago. After all, Washington is still fighting the “lost cause.

An independent commission is recommending that the Confederate Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery be dismantled and taken down, as part of its final report to Congress on the renaming of military bases and assets that commemorate the Confederacy.

Panel members on Tuesday rolled out the final list of ships, base roads, buildings and other items that they said should be renamed. But unlike the commission’s recommendations earlier this year laying out new names for nine Army bases, there were no suggested names for the roughly 1,100 assets across the military that bear Confederate names.

Retired Army Brig. Gen. Ty Seidule, vice-chair of the commission, said the final cost for all of its renaming recommendations will be $62,450,030.

I haven’t looked into it, but I’d guess $62 million would go a long way towards restoring full water service in Jackson. But hey, priorities. Whatever the cost, go ahead and spend the fake money; the ancient namesakes were and are too good for the dead empire.

Deo vindice.