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They may very well get what they want, at long last. Medvedev isn’t alone in calling it like it is. Anatoly Antonov states the obvious:

US Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov stated RIA Novosti, that the beginning of the supply of American long-range ballistic missiles to Kiev is fraught with direct involvement of the United States in a military conflict with Russia.

As the head of the Russian diplomatic mission noted, the range of destruction of ATACMS reaches 300 kilometers, which, when such weapons enter Ukraine, large Russian cities will fall into the area of possible destruction, as well as industrial and transport infrastructure.

“A similar scenario would mean a direct US pull in a military confrontation with Russia,” Antonov said.

I suppose that if they satanists who control “my” country get what they want – and they will not like how it ends – I will have to self-censor around here lest I be declared an official “enemy of the evil.”

However, I’m sure your upcoming election will fix all of this.