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A Head Cold In The Northwoods


Boy howdy, friends! What a grand few weeks I’ve had lately, gripped with the worst cold and/or flu in recent memory. Was it the dreaded C-19?!?! I don’t know or care as the thing has subsided based on my natural immune system response. You know, the way every infection generally resolves itself – without resort to idiotic theatrics, Halloween masks, or gene-modification, depopulation poison. 

There was, however, something that I could have, once upon a time, taken to alleviate some of the symptoms. Something that’s no longer generally available to the buying public – cold medicine. Remember that? There was once this wonderful chemical, widely available, called Pseudoephedrine. It worked, well, by drying out the gunk that makes one miserable. And it was available until around 2005-06. Then, thanks to retarded satanists with names like Dole and Bush, it was effectively banned. It seems that dopehead-Americans were using the stuff to make meth and the USG outlawed it by making it a “controlled substance.” This was done with an amendment to the renewal of the USA PATRIOT Act and charade. 

The Patriot Act, which would have been better named “the Final Freedom Killer Act,” was a (long) pre-planned response to Operation Nine-Elevenwoods, carried out on the morning of September 11, 2001. I’ve written about this BEFORE.

Yes, one can still get moderately effective medicine, in small, controlled quantities, but there’s an added layer of hassle that just isn’t worth it. Thanks, tyrants! It’s hard to buy cold medicine because the DOD and the CIA wanted a war with Russia over Cuba. In 1962.

It started with this:

Northwoods was to become the American extension of the US’s existing terrorism campaign in Cuba under Operation Mongoose. One can read all about these schemes – we know one won’t, but one could – even at Wikipedia. RFK, Jr. summed up his uncle’s response to this evil in Chapter Twelve of that excellent book you probably haven’t read yet and probably won’t read ever:

This is not an outlandish conspiracy theory. During my uncle’s presidential administration, the Joint Chiefs of Staff submitted a plan— termed Operation Northwoods—proposing false flag attacks, including mass murders of random American citizens, to justify an invasion of Cuba. My uncle reacted with horror to Joint Chief Chairman Lyman Lemnitzer’s Northwoods briefing pitch and abruptly walked out of the presentation. “And they call us the human race,” he remarked to his secretary of state, Dean Rusk.

-Kennedy Jr., Robert F., The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (Children’s Health Defense) (pp. 798-799). Skyhorse. Kindle Edition (2021). 

JFK did more than walk out on the proposal; for his efforts to kindly govern a sane nation he was eliminated. The plan simmered for four decades, was re-tinkered, and launched. The fake terror attacks of 9/11 were Northwoods. Period. The satanic cult masquerading as “your” government, attacked you. Again. And again. And again. The Dark Brandon Moloch-Nazi rally last week in Philadelphia was not an aberration. That’s their real face.

Another anniversary is upon us, coming up this Sunday. Does anyone still remember? Does anyone ever ask questions anymore? It wasn’t just the Pentagram and WTC 1 & 2. Also damaged or destroyed were St. Nicholas Church, Deutsche Bank, part of the World Financial Center, and WTC buildings 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. That’s a lot of destruction. Some things were probably covered up for myriad reasons. Nobody responsible has ever been held accountable and probably won’t be – in this life. Does anyone care?

Probably not. Too many hoaxes have come and gone since. Some are in progress now. More are on the way. I suppose for the average idiot, it’s best to remain in the dark. Anyway, enjoy your freedom fries. Try not to get sick.

*In the future, I may get around to the economic-legal and the societal reasons for annulling student loans and abolishing fraudulent fake debts. Or not. We’ll find out. I’ve given thought to other matters as well.