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2033 does seem a little optimistic, these days. Before he died, Vladimir Zhirinovsky predicted the end of the USSA was much closer:

Will the USA hold together through 2024? Earlier this year Covid-related complications took the life of Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the bombastic perennial leader of Russia’s Liberal Democratic Party. He was known not just for his inimitable oratory but also for the uncanny accuracy of his predictions. For example, he predicted the start of Russia’s Special Military Operation in the Ukraine almost to the day—months before the fact and at a time when nobody else had much of a clue as to what would happen. Another prediction of his reads as follows: “There won’t be a US presidential election in 2024 because there will no longer be a United States.” Will he turn out to be prescient on this count too? Let’s watch!

Having no choice, we might as well watch. Hilariously or alarmingly, back in 2004 he noted (of the USSA): “Your future presidents are black, Muslim, one–legged and homosexual.” So, batting 1000…