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A Gross Failure To Read The Room


Out of an abundance of wishful optimism, I made a little mistake a few years ago. At the end of one of my first TPC columns on the great Hoax, I tried to reason that with so much lockdown time on their hands, the younger people might do what younger people used to do. I wrote: “We might even have a new baby boom. Hey! You two millennials! Go work on that one, right now!” See, I was still under the false belief that birds and bees and lockdowns make for… My bad.

I now understand that boys and girls may, in fact, be girls and boys, that vasectomies are cool, that abortion is healthcare, and that nobody has any interest in children. We now have even more bad news about the decline of the American population; this is an update on my hideously malformed population column from about a year ago.

Way back in 1914, the rather odd E.A. Ross wrote in Chapter Ten, Social Effects of Immigration, of The Old World In The New: The Significance of Past and Present Immigration to the American People:

Not until the twenty-first century will the philosophic historian be able to declare with scientific certitude that the cause of the mysterious decline that came upon the American people early in the twentieth century was the deterioration of popular intelligence by the admission of great numbers of backward immigrants.

Please keep in mind Ross was writing about immigrants from Portugal, Italy, and Poland. As true and accurate as his work in 1914 was, he probably could not have imagined the decline in post-1965 America. Well, it is the twenty-first century, I stand in as the philosophic historian, and I hereby declare with scientific certitude that the decline in popular intelligence and the decline in general society derives (in half part) from the admission of ridiculous numbers of backward immigrants throughout the twentieth century and beyond. Immigrants from the European countries Ross bemoaned still scored very close to the Northwestern Euro average IQ of 100. Today’s new arrivals score at or below the general world average of 82.

The other half part is the decline in the native American population, particularly among those of higher intelligence. In Ross’s time, intelligent young American couples married and had four, six, or more children. Today, they trade “genders,” pile on the debt, dope themselves out of their minds, slave away for minimum wage, and die early surrounded by face masks, booze bottles, and fur babies.

These two evil twin factors have seen the country’s average IQ drop by at least ten points over the past seventy years, with a current annual average depreciation of around .4 points.

The great news here and now is that the Great Replacement is not a theory, conspiracy, or otherwise. In addition to being, since 1965, the official legal policy of the US, it is a scientific certainty. It is mathematical.

Over the past year, since equating “non-Hispanic White” with “American” in that 2021 column, I have gotten into the lazy habit of checking Census information updates through a third-party source. (By Ross’s Anglo standards, the Heritage Posterity American population probably stands at only 20-30% of the total. As everything loses meaning, I’ll keep standing by the catch-all, stand-in “American” definition as I have previously explained). The other day, I consulted the direct government sources and was able to round out the rough decline for 2021. Thanks to the Hoax and other matters, some directly hoax-related and others not, the total population of the US practically stalled last year – adding only about 400,000 new folks (mostly via lower-IQ migrant invasion). Non-Hispanic Whites, as one might guess, continued to take one hell of a beating. The number I was waiting on was 2,545,602 White deaths – a first-ever record high. Cheery, eh?

First, an update on the update about the 2020 loss. They keep micro-tinkering with the numbers. Right now, the best estimate for 2020 is that we lost 640,640 White Americans. In 2021, we lost another 661,048. Since the drop started in 2016, we are down 2,064,791 White people. It’s like the loss of the entire metro population of Cleveland or Kansas City. *POOF* Gone. With the increasing effects of the Hoax and the apparent collapse in opposite-sex attraction and family building, look for 2022 to continue the trend.

Trends… Since 2000, the total US population has grown by about 50 million people, from 281 million to 331 million. Yet, the White American population has decreased, as both a percentage and as a whole numerical figure. It has fallen to around 195.1 million, essentially where it stood circa 1999. It’s almost as if some kind of replacement is in progress. Odd, huh? I do see that my calculator is wearing a little tin foil hat.

As a total percentage, Whites were approximately 70% of the population the last time our total numbers were this low. That was down from about 83% when I was born and about 90% in 1950. So, where are we now? There really is no exact telling. My most recent ciphering, based on the latest birth and death statistics, has us at or around 58.78%. But the Census proudly says it’s more like 57.8%. Averaging – through the conspiracy theory of “division” – could it be 58.29%? Or, winnowing down to those of strictly European ancestry – an inexact process – is it more like 54.5%? Here, we lose scientific precision, though the forest is clear through the falling trees.

Another way to gauge the present and near-future collapse is by extending the officially-reported decadal descents: 1970 (83.5%); 1980 (79.6%); 1990 (75.6%); 2000 (69.1%); 2010 (63.7%); 2020 (57.8%). The general trend is mildly accelerating; by chucking the high and low increase rates, we can average out a ten-year decline rate against the whole population of 5.1%. The losses are just over half a percent per year. From the official 2020 57.8%, to base minority status at 49.9%, we need … lemme conspire with my theory a second … 15.5 more years (2035~). From the best guess of 54.5% in 2022, it’s another nine years (2031).

Either of those two dates will come sooner than the ballyhooed 2040, 2050, or whatever. I’m sticking with my simple prediction, from last year, that replacement inversion happens in 2029. Why? Again, the 50-year trend is slowly, generally accelerating. Again, in general, young people are not producing more young people like they used to. And, since 2020-21, huge numbers of people have been willingly, stupidly injecting themselves with a poison that is now proven to cause gestational obstacles, total infertility, and overall depopulation. Maybe there was a conspiracy, after all. Some sort of great reset or something.

And we were warned. Ross was writing long before the luciferian rat Klaus Schwab was hatched and before the base destroyer Emanuel Celler ever slithered into politics. Others rang the bells. Few heeded them. Ross got in a modicum of difficulty over his tacit embrace of eugenics. A century later, the American people and the United States Empire succumbed to the arguably worse plight of dysgenics.

Now, now, if there’s a real problem in all of this, I’m sure it’s nothing that another cure-all election can’t fix. Go ahead and vote to your heart’s content this fall. In 2024 too. If they let you. A future room to read.

UPDATE: The jobs slide away too.