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Cracking Safes, Cracking History


The FBI’s website boldly proclaims: “We protect the American people and uphold the U.S. Constitution.” To that noble end, among many other things, the FBI:

Constantly spied(ies) on the American people;

Constantly subverted(s) the U.S. Constitution;

Covered up hundreds of cases of ritualistic satanic child abuse, to include connections to the US government and assorted international entities;

Prosecuted zero cases from Epstein Island (Mas’ Epstein and his hag aside)(your author is aware of the previous work of the judge who signed the Mar-a-Lago search warrant);

Stood aside while the DOD and the CIA unleashed Operation Northwoods;

Stood aside and/or colluded in a coup against the democratically-elected government of the United States;

Rounded up hundreds of mostly-peaceful political dissidents who dared protest the coup;

Did essentially nothing in the wake of the de facto civil war fomented during the summer of 2020 in the wake of one felon’s drug overdose death;

Did absolutely nothing concerning the largest biological and psychological warfare attack and genocide in human history; and,

Raided the private home and safe of a former US President for actual reasons yet unknown.

The reasons obviously have to do with political motivation and revenge. When or if they are ever articulated, the articulation will be a lie not designed to protect the American people nor their faded Constitution. 

To better understand both the pitiful shape of the US today and the endless hatred of Donald J. Trump, a brief look at modern presidential history is in order. This is a theory of that history which may require the reader to dispense with certain preconceived notions.


I’ve written before, as have others, that JFK was the last American President who attempted to govern as if he really thought he was in charge of the Executive branch. He obstinately thwarted the nascent Dark State on at least four major fronts. For his defiance, he was assassinated.


LBJ was a pure good old boy politician and scumbag. However, he was not a direct agent of the Dark State. Instead, he was merely amenable to and usable for their interests. 


Milhouse was an oddity as President. Love him, hate him, or forget him, he was not the Dark State’s man. yes, many of his actions served their dark purposes, but he still was not one of them – at this point it’s not really important. Rather than risk exposure by murdering two presidents within ten years, they found another way to rid themselves of this prickly academic.


Ford was the penultimate all-American public servant who genuinely loved the American people. He was naturally tasked with calming the nation in the wake of the upheaval of the early 1970s. He was not particularly note-worthy as an ambitious achiever – which is not a bad thing. And, most importantly, he was not a creature of the swamp.


See what I just wrote about Ford. Jimmah was the last of “our” men to hold the highest office, at least without substantial interference from the growing power of the cabal. But by 1980, their power had grown to the point where they felt they could make changes in their favor. And they did. Here, I must note once again that James Earl Carter and Mrs. Rosalynn are the only President and First Lady couple I have ever met. Our brief encounter was a pleasure; these two veritable steel peaches radiated goodness of a kind we will likely not see or feel again. 


Ronny Raygun was literally a Hollywood actor hired to play a part. He played it better in some regards than in others. A presumably deeply compromised and controllable man, he garnered a popularity that made the next phases of national descent less noticeable by or more acceptable to the masses.

Bush 41

Following Reagan’s very successful stage show, the Dark State did something novel, something one might think unthinkable. They put one of their very own in power. Prescott’s son was not on the cabal’s side; he was a full and powerful member. The experiment, while it worked well for the devil’s forces, proved a little too much, perhaps, as far as the still plausibly arousable public was concerned. Going forward the DS opted for a safer approach.


The Arkansas hillbilly was the first of an extremely effective series of puppets. Two terms, smoke and mirrors, and the agenda advanced nicely.

Bush 43

The second puppet continued the ways and services of his immediate predecessor. Under his eight-year reign, things went into overdrive on multiple fronts. To keep these things moving, a special character was required.


Barry was the special character, literally hand-crafted from his youth to play his role as the third great marionette. By even his first term, many observers had begun to finally notice the general direction the nation was headed, but they, most of them, did not fully understand the scope or the gravity of the situation; your author did not, for what it’s worth.

*Tactical Note

From the end of Carter’s administration, all Democratic and Republican opposition candidates (nominees) fit into one or more categories: controlled opposition, controllable opposition, or carefully-selected or allowed weak horses incapable of affecting insurrection against the cabal. Perot, I think, fell into the latter category. Anderson I knew, literally knew as a man. He was definitely not part of the wicked program but was allowed to proceed because, as good a man as he was and/or with his flaws, he was not a threat. All other third-party or independent candidates were nonstarters of no concern to the DS.


Approaching the 2016 election, the demographic, cultural, and political landscape had changed to such a large degree that the DS was forced into a new strategy. They selected a hybrid candidate, a puppet so closely-aligned with them as to practically be a member of their cult. All was proceeding smoothly until one fateful summer day when a brash, megalomaniac real estate showman rode down an escalator, accompanied by his lovely wife and Neil Young’s Rockin’ in the Free World

As soon as Trump announced his entry into politics, I knew he would be elected. I did not imagine the psychotic overreaction of the DS or the war they would launch. They cranked it up immediately and they have not let off the hammer as of today. (I chose “psychotic” just now for a reason). 

Behind the scenes meddling and common rigging methods have been a feature of American politics for my entire lifetime. Subtle interdiction served the DS well since they disposed of Kennedy. However, Trump was a wrench in the works they had not counted on. Hence, they deployed their full system to prevent his election. Two things happened, I think: one, they didn’t count on the Don’s popularity, and two, their system wasn’t fully ready. So, never accepting Trump’s victory, they spent the next four years obstructing his entire presidency. From November 2020 through January 2021, Trump was unable to “cross the Rubicon” as he had no support at all from his own government, to include his military. None of it was really his. But his greatest accomplishment, in being cast down in 2020, was to expose the DS corruption to plain view.


In November 2020, the new election system worked as needed and perfectly. More importantly, the cabal embarked on a new strategy more suited to this extremely late political hour. They no longer need a president. Trump won the legal popular contest, but Biden won the machinated count and was illegally legally certified and installed. Trump rode into the tumultuous sunset. However, literally no one believes that Biden is a real executive officer. This includes Biden, to the extent he is capable in his condition of considering the matter.

Going forward, as far as we do, this is probably the way it is and will be. Both Republicans and Democrats are excited about the 2022 Midterms. And the 2024 election. I think none of it matters. Just as they no longer require a president, they also no longer need Congress. If a validly-elected administration can be nullified, and a fake administration accepted, then there is no recourse against the bureaucracy that controls everything. The DS now has the unfettered power to directly control the elections to fit their whims, or they can allow honest elections and simply ignore or abuse the results as they desire. 

It is truly a dark day for the United States and, especially, for the American people. But it was a long time coming. And it is here. It’s not about to happen, just down the road, or possible; it is now and in force. The silver lining is that all of this is a clear sign that things are spinning apart. The Atlantic calls it the “Great Unwinding.” Thank God our betters have given us a name for the phenomenon and spared us the ridicule of the conspiracy theory! Though we may guess with some certainty, none of us know exactly how this unwinding will play out. Like the dark tyranny, it too is already in motion. And there appears to be no stopping it. Let it play out.

My theory is that, once the great unpleasantness has run its course, a new nation, or more likely, new nations will emerge. In it, or in one of them, let us hope and pray that the American People have a happy home. Evil never rests, and it cannot be fully defeated until the Return. Thus, the Americans of the future must guard against the certain rise, sometime in the unknown future, of a new subversive cult of destruction. 

In the meanwhile, we must all wait patiently and trust in Providence. This applies equally to the good federal employees, FBI agents included, who read the foregoing with an anger not based on what was written, but on the known or suspected truth in it. To you honest men and women, I can only counsel restraint. There is little to nothing you can do, directly. Rather, refuse to loudly and openly serve and enforce the agendas of the Dark State. Do not make yourselves needless targets. Lay low, do your jobs by living up to that website statement, and prepare with the rest of us for tomorrow. You will be needed. 

As for the mad matter at hand, we will see what develops. The official excuse, when or if given, may cover J-6, classified files, Russia, or the Man in the Moon. Whatever it is, it is theater. And so, we wait and we watch.

BONUS! Everyone is really fired up now! For now. Suddenly, left, right, and center all see some sort of double standard in law and justice. Welcome to the 19th century, late birdies! Yes, I’m sure that the very next election will solve all your problems and fully restore the REPUBLIC under the (High and Most Holy) CONSTITUTION! *sing praise!* Well, no… I’ll go ahead and call it: Your beloved Constitutional Republic is dead. I suggest it died on or about April 15, 1861. You may say otherwise.