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Red State, in an article yesterday, is right about not taking the Dark State’s bait in re the Mar-A-Lago fiasco. Don’t do it. However, don’t fall for their suggested solution either.

A red line was crossed with this raid on Trump’s home, and electoral vengeance is justified. But it must come in ways that are actually effective, and that means being strategic and playing the long game. It’s going to take a Republican Congress in 2023 and a Republican president in 2025 to make any headway against this insanity. There is no other way, and once the tables are turned, any Republican politician who doesn’t have the stomach to fight back must be banished.

The age of practical politics is over. 2023 and 2025 no longer matter. And this solution that won’t work, or in fact, any solution, is unnecessary. It’s now an imperative issue of being quiet, being hopeful, preparing, and waiting. I’ll explain tomorrow in another charming column!

PS: My explanation will include our legitimate friends in the FBI and other officers who still serve the people.

PPS: Remember that whatever comes up on the moving screen or the approved printed page is more likely than not fake.