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All the crocodile tears about the failed US “schools” are a little premature. Because it can and will get worse. Give it a few more years. Then again, maybe they’re decades late. This thing was dead and gone when I was interred in the camps. The starter answer to the following question is, because they are no longer AMERICAN schools.

Why are America’s schools so short-staffed? Experts point to a confluence of factors including pandemic-induced teacher exhaustion, low pay and some educators’ sense that politicians and parents — and sometimes their own school board members — have little respect for their profession amid an escalating educational culture war that has seen many districts and states pass policies and laws restricting what teachers can say about U.S. history, race, racism, gender and sexual orientation, as well as LGBTQ issues.

“The political situation in the United States, combined with legitimate aftereffects of covid, has created this shortage,” said Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers. “This shortage is contrived.”

What to do?! I suggest more mask mandates, mRNA poison mandates, lower standards, more Russian sanctions, warmer classrooms, and much, much more holocaust education. But obviously, the people who completely killed education can find some way to mutilate the corpse fix it.