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The political and legal shenanigans cease to matter when the people keep making wicked, short-sighted decisions.

Kansas voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly struck down a proposed constitutional amendment that would remove language enshrining reproductive rights in their state, in a move widely seen as a victory for abortion rights activists.

The proposed amendment was the first time anywhere in the U.S. that voters cast ballots on abortion since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June.

This, as bad as it is, isn’t the whole story. Previously in the USSA, when a majority of voters expressed their collective will, and if that will concerned any moral standard, then they could reasonably expect a federal judge to thwart their will and halt the democratically decided upon course of action. The people stupidly accepted this. Yet, when doing something similar might serve them in a strange reverse way, I doubt they will even consider it.

And Kansas, don’t think that a far more powerful Judge isn’t already considering your case. If you voted to keep murdering children, then you probably won’t like His verdict.