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I’m surprised none of the usual suspects haven’t screamed bloody abortion about an anti-satantic hate crime in the Granite Capital of the World. The hellish, anti-God, and anti-Man Georgia “Guidestones” are no more!

Part of a mysterious Georgia monument was destroyed by an explosive device overnight, leading to an active police investigation in Elberton, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

The Georgia Guidestones have since been demolished due to safety concerns, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said Wednesday night.

Good work, mystery avengers! I’d say it would be safe to drop the investigation now. If it’s good enough for Robert E. Lee and the Unknown Confederate Boys, then this fate is perfectly suited for the monuments of evil left by globalist depopulationists. Note: I have been to “America’s Stonehenge.” And, while I didn’t sense it was overtly, supernaturally evil, I did think it was an idiotic and ugly abomination. It’s important to remember that the wicked people who dictated those stone words, meant every one of them. Good riddance.