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Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, and I didn’t even know he was sick, has died.

“Throughout it all, Dr. Zev Zelenko fearlessly stood up for his patients—and the rest of us—saving millions of lives. He called out those institutions that were censoring and attacking him and other truth tellers. His testimony before the Rabbinical Court in Israel was particularly impactful. He told the truth straight out—and never backed down like so many others have. Instead, he put it all on the line—his career, his reputation, his health. And he continued telling the truth fearlessly until the moment he took his last breath. I had the good fortune to meet Dr. Zelenko on a private zoom and experience, personally, what a great Lion of God he was. Dr. Zelenko was a living legend. And he will be remembered by millions of us with love and gratitude,” Northrup said.

I ran Dr. Zelenko’s Rabbinical testimony for the PPN gang. It was eye-opening, powerful, and nothing like the mainstream narrative lies. We had few real doctors. Now we have even fewer. RIP.