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Note: Thanks to the Japanese gentleman for getting rid of a (minor) piece of globo-trash, and for demonstrating that shotguns are easy to build from scratch.

Note: Weak, stupid, wicked minority citizens of Georgia, USSA: you deserve whatever you get, be it No. 34 (GO DAWGZ!!!), “Rev” Warlock, or Sauron himself. You had your time, and you wasted it. Bye.


Schools in America/the US/the USSA went through four distinct phases:

  1. Teaching. Originally, and it has been nearly 150 years since we last saw this phenomenon in mass, the schools were concerned with educating children. (Yeah! What a concept!) This phase corresponded with small, private or religious institutions, or else with home-based education. It also corresponded with high civilization, and it worked very well, as it had for thousands of years. America was built by and with this (non-)system. This was the program my fortunate great-great and great grandparents were treated to.
  2. Slave-training. That was the purpose of the “public” schools as developed or re-tooled in the mid-late nineteenth century in Europe and America. Why educate children, when they can simply be programmed to run factories for the profit of profiteers? My grandparents somehow survived this process.
  3. Retardation. In the early to mid twentieth century, US schools in particular embarked on a long process of “dumbing down” the little future wage-slaves. It worked almost perfectly, and it perfectly fit with other societal changes rammed through, with the tacit acceptance of the wicked, stupid public, by devil-worshipping degenerates. My parents and I both endured this hideous abuse. My generation was the first to be fully thrown into a brave new world of dysgenic, dyscivilizational hell. I skated through at the beginning of a new sub-phase, wherein enstupidation turned into crass indoctrination: small victims, unable to think for themselves at all, were pre-programmed with ridiculous, idiotic cultural outlooks and faux mores. By the early twenty-first century, these changes, from phases one through three, appear to have worked a little too well. All of the factories and jobs were gone and the money utterly destroyed. The people had become so stupid as to be education-proof. The little minds that could not think, were so full of PC platitudes, that they were incapable of even discussing the facts and process of their indoctrination, even so as to benefit the indoctrinators. This might look like a mistake, but I think it otherwise. The destroyers knew their plans would lead to chaos. They welcomed it. With everything burning, as they liked and still like it, they finally had children where they really wanted them: devoid of spirituality, emotional development, and intelligence, the kids were primed for phase four.
  4. Sacrifice to Moloch. Education became training became indoctrination became … grooming. The satanists you have foolishly allowed to conquer you nation have no need for children except as little souls to claim for their dark master. That is the SOLE purpose of all the LGBT-P faggotry. Your tolerance of this rank evil is your participation in it, you damnable morons.

Here’s an example of phase four in full effect: a parent, a “TERF,” is somehow surprised that her daughter and one-quarter of the girls in her daughter’s school class now identify as something other than girls.

When I spoke to the school about the harm they are doing, they would not hear it. They told me that they celebrate all identities, that they pride themselves on being inclusive. They cannot see the transgender issue as anything other than fun flags and inclusivity and respect. They do not see the dark side that we parents do: we are trying to protect our kids from bone-crushing puberty blockers; from taking cross-sex hormones when they’re too young to have had sex; from having radical surgery on their developing bodies. Some days it feels like we are holding back a tsunami.

Read the whole thing. School, school, school, school, school. It’s the schools, maybe?! If you play by the system’s rules, then you must accept the system’s results. In this sad case, it is a tsunami. Forget holding it back, because it is already swamping us. Unless one is genuinely, clinically mentally-retarded, one has no excuse for sending any child anywhere near this evil madness. Homeschooling is not an alternative, because there is nothing for it to be an alternative to. It simply is the only way that is compatible with the good, the true, and the beautiful, and with the ancient legacy of civilization.

The rest of it? One of the great things about a tsunami is the increased depth of the water. The millstones have further to sink.