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Today, the Old Blog turns Ten!

If you remember this post, then you’ve been around a while and have a good memory:

After the 5,000th post, last month, things have necessarily slowed a bit. The readership had already slowed rather dramatically following my departure from useless social media and the late disruptions in the search engine metrics.

To all of you who have been a part of the show, thank you. Now, we move onward. What’s ahead? Probably not more of the same. There’s still the idea of a column “only” site at a new home. And, I may integrate that concept into a new author landing site. Or something. At any rate, the old blog will hang on as an archive of sorts. There’s plenty here. And, if need be, the archive is mobile. Note: perrinlovett[dot]me is paid through the end of this year. In the event of laziness on my part – circa 2014 – then perrinlovett[dot]wordpress[dot]com will always work.

My take on various matters has changed somewhat; I started writing here at the end of my libertarian phase, progressing into the hard-right Christian and the omni-nationalist. Aside from a technical correction or two, I’ve largely left things as they originally appeared.

There will be, going forward, a much greater concentration on books, especially novels. As-is, I have 3 free ebooks offered under “Books.” So far, they’ve been downloaded a combined total of over 3,150 times. WP didn’t track downloads before 2019, so it is most likely that Perrin On Politics (2015) “sold” an extra 500-1000 free copies, thus bringing the tally to or over 4,000 free book “sales.” These are not “best-selling” figures. However, all three have outperformed the woeful average distribution for all books published in general. Sold Out, my entry in the absurd shortest novel imaginable category, has done so by a factor of about ten. These numbers are on par with my other paid sales. I’m a mediocre-selling author! You’ve doubtlessly received your money’s worth. And, if I had a nickel for every free book given away, I could buy a nice cigar!

Anyway, I recall Vox Day’s final column at WND: 11 Years of Failure. 10, like 11, is a long time. I won’t call if “failure” even as I haven’t really changed much of anything with the past 3 million words or so. Rather, it’s 10 year of entertaining memories.

Thanks, again, for sharing in them. More to come.