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In fact, this is calling out the entirety of the post-modern, post-Christian, post-Western West.

Not me, not today. Read HERE as Fẹmi Akọmọlafẹ, a Ghanan of all people, deftly, accurately skewers the hubris and idiocy of fallen ‘Murica.

In addition to always being on top of their game, Russian officials always come across as well-educated, well-informed, well-mannered, sophisticated, cultured, and respectful. Western officials, on the other hand, attack the world as haughty, naughty, ill-mannered, ill-educated, uncultured, provincial, and narcissistic imbeciles.

They lack the elementary decorum necessary to engage peers in respectful manners. Ok, superciliousness, fueled by racist arrogance, might partly explain why they behave so, but we cannot discount the possibilities that they simply lack the education, the culture, and the home training required for civilized behavior, especially in encounters with other cultures.

The question needs to be asked how the Collective West ended up with the current gaggle of clowns holding positions of responsibility?

Examples abound aplenty: Just take a look at Sergey Lavrov and compare him with that dwarfish oaf, Anthony Blinken. Please, how did the once great US get to appoint that trashy lightweight idiot supposed to engage with a towering Diplomat of Mr Lavrov’s caliber? Can’t a kindhearted one whisper in his ears how utterly ridiculous he appears and sounds when he issues stupid threats?

Arrogant and totally ignorant Westerners had no idea what the Russians had in stock for them when they started their stupid sanctions which they believed would destroy the Russian economy.

A little knowledge of history, geography, geopolitics, and geoeconomics should have informed the West that a country (the largest in the world) that is not only self-sufficient in food production, but produces almost all the metals required by all of the major industries and, in addition, is the world’s leading energy (oil and gas) producer, is not one to trifle or pick a fight with.

Most especially, not by a bunch of self-worshipping, resource-less, parasitical inconsequential nonentities like the EU states, who suffer from excessive self-regard.

There is little doubt the arrogance of the Collective West is fueled by ignorance which is a result of the poor quality of the education produced by the ideological institutions the West call universities, which have been transformed from places of rigorous learning into ones that produce only selfish, self-centered, narcissistic, hedonistic ideologues who are incapable of any thought beyond the ME!

Read it all. The emperor is most pleased with his non-existent suit, eh? This goes a long way towards explaining the terminal decline of the US and its little satellites, as well as how the dull, disinterested post-American people have allowed evil, retarded foreigners like Blinken to take complete control. In re NATO v Russia, the Russians are doing nothing more than defending their own people and interests. They are doing nothing to the West. All of the horrors unfolding all around us? We did that to ourselves. It started in the hearts. But maybe, it was perfected in the “schools.” Our failed system is now the undisputed laughingstock of the whole world. I have some vague idea of how the process works – really works, and well – in Ghana. The above article is proof that their way produces an observational commentariat far superior to what passes for the same in the US.

PS: One bone to pick: “Biden,” while certainly a senile mannequin, is obviously not a leader. Still, not a bad call from all the way across the Atlantic. Go, Ghana!