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It was a brilliant idea! Stoke the potential embers of WW3 by attacking the most heavily armed nation on earth. Follow-up by sending weapons to the most corrupt nation on earth. What could go wrong? This, as predicted.

While US and European citizens pay for the war in Ukraine, and Washington announces multibillion-dollar aid packages to the Kiev regime one after another, Ukrainians do not miss their chance and gain money from foreign military supplies.

Ukrainian “defenders” are selling the famous Javelins on the darknet. Today, anyone willing to help Ukrainians can buy a Javelin online for 30 000 USD in Kiev.

“Get the Ole 148! Boy, does it work great!***

They even have the 0.0 rating right.

Do keep in mind that this insanity was made possible by the exact same shitheads who want to take away your pistols and rifles. Perfect sense. Simply brilliant. Here’s hoping that at least a few of these rather weak rockets do find good homes and uses somewhere.

According to sources, $30K is a steal. Also, according to Tom Ironsides, it was cheaper still to just intercept the things in transit.

***Not effective against Gen. 2(.5)+ main battle tanks. I doubt the Ukies give refunds…