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This Is What You Get


*Two in one week. Wow. This one just shaped itself, so I’m labeling it a column. A shorter one for me. Read on:

Congratulations retards. You are getting exactly what you wanted.

Uvalde is the poster child for the collapse (post-collapse, really) of the American Nation and the US Empire. The New Tower of Babel collided head-on with the fake debt economy with predictable consequences. All of this is and was inevitable.

It was all inevitable ever since wicked, stupid American men decided to share their land, culture, and prosperity with the underserving, incompatible hordes of the world.

It was inevitable as soon as wicked, stupid American men decided to let women and foreigners, many of whom worship satan, rule over politics, economics, education, entertainment, the media, and society.

It was inevitable as soon as wicked, stupid American men decided to turn from gold to fake paper money, and then, to nonexistent debt based on nothing.

It was inevitable as soon as wicked, stupid American men decided to kill civilized education, first in favor of mal-education, then indoctrination, and now, grooming, slavery, and murder.

Everyone, once again, and until the next distraction, anxiously ponders solutions to the problems that, honestly, everyone wanted, caused, and/or voted into being.

“Fixing” the schools has never been easier. CLOSE THEM. I estimate that 10% of the PRIVATE schools and .5% of the government camps are worth NOT abolishing. Nothing would be lost, and much would be gained by getting rid of the rest – and doing nothing else.

“Fixing” the rest of the failed society and culture is pretty easy too. At this far, late point, there are two paths: the long, slow passage of time, and war. We appear to be drifting headlong into the latter. Likely, this is what the dim masses desire, secretly or openly.

I keep seeing new, “shocking” details about the latest Texas tragedy. And I rapidly lose interest in them – because there’s nothing shocking at all about them. They were to be expected, guaranteed. Of course, the police did nothing except make bad decisions, take care of their own, doom the children, and oppress the panicked parents. The job of the police is to uphold the state’s law. When the law is evil, the job of the police is to enforce evil. When it comes to the failed schools, the cops are much more likely to abuse children than protect them. As Dr. Ironsides observed in THE SUBSTITUTE, the cops in the schools, the teachers in the schools, and everyone else in the schools operate based on, not stupidity, but FEAR. Of everything. Fear – unjustified mortal fear, not reasoned caution – is unnatural and a tell-tale sign of sulfuric darkness.

Looking for your “leaders” to help? Then look no further than the babbling idiocy of Herschel Walker (who may, in fact, be campaigning for, and not against Rev. Warlock). Good Ole Number 34 floated an obvious winner of a Uvalde idea: “What we need to do is look into how we can stop those things. You know, you talked about doing a disinformation — what about getting a department that can look at young men that’s looking at women that’s looking at their social media. What about doing that?” What, indeed? What the fuck?

Given the luxury of esoterics, one might notice patterns. The same fools who still think it is 1960 still believe in the republic, the constitution, unicorns, etc. They tend to still think Operation Nine-Eleven-Woods and the War on “Terror” had something to do with Muslims running amuck. They still think some magic trick will reverse the economic slide. They don’t see color. They think “love” is love. They think anyone is an American. They believe hate is not a Christian value. (When I write “think” and “believe,” I, of course, really mean “feel” or “fear”). They wore masks, poisoned themselves, and loudly demanded everyone else do the same. They sided with Herr Zelenskyy, the corrupt Nazis of Ukraine, NATO, ZATO, and the satanic USG against Russia. They think they’re just one more vote away from paradise. They’re ready to fall for Taiwan, the Solomon Islands, Monkeypox, Marburg, Marvin the Martian, or whatever foolishness their masters hit them with next.

The little children certainly do not deserve the horrors visited upon them. However, we know that the innocent shall suffer along with the guilty, the good with the wicked. Their parents, the adults, on the other hand, are getting precisely what they deserve. Summer is upon us. The kids will get a short break from their local evil, though the general failure and terminal decline, unstoppable now, will proceed unfettered. This fall, anyone who sends a child to almost any organized school in the dead USSA will deserve whatever happens. This fall, anyone who votes for something like Walker, any other Not-American, any woman, any sodomite, or any agent of hell, will deserve whatever happens. After the war, on the other side, in the rump states (if any), we’ll be well served by excluding the freaks, the fools, and the fearful.

For now, again, congratulations. You get what you pay for. Then, you pay for what you get.