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COLUMN: A Few Current Events


Hello, manly gents and gorgeous gals. I sincerely hope you all enjoyed last week’s multiple blasts from the past. I used my time wisely, pounding out more fiction and podcasts, dealing with gym injuries, and further developing the LEO ISR permanent radar/optical termination stuff. I noticed, just this morning, that things kept on moving. Let’s take a look-see.

A Monkeypox On All Your Bathhouses…

Rest assured that the Monkeypox hoax is every bit as serious and dangerous to the normal, healthy public as the C19 hoax was before it. Make your plans accordingly.

Begging For A Bombing.

Speaking of sodomites, National Review is so gay it makes The Advocate look masculine. It always has. I do not necessarily suspect Rich Lowry is cut from the same swishy cloth as Buckley and Bewkes. He is, however, about as stupid and disingenuous as neocons come. Lately, he’s been niggling Kongress not to niggard the Ukranazis out of their precious $40 Billion. Something, something about Russia, something Raytheon, etc. Whatever. Here’s how the Lend-Lease Budget will be spent, according to the CBO:

$ 13,333,333,333.33 (33%) kickbacks to Blackrock and Goldman Sachs

10,000,000,000.00 kickbacks to MIC

10,000,000,000.00 kickbacks to USG (90% to Kongress, 10% to the “Big Guy”)

6,000,000,000.00 kickbacks to CIA BB

600,000,000.00 kickbacks to Eye of Soros Foundation

66,000,000.00 to Azov Casket Memorial Fund

666,000.00 to Miami-Dade Tax Assessor (in re: Ze’s [Star Island?] house)

666 for You. Know. Who.

.67 for additional Kalibr targets

Take that, Vladolph Putler! In Lowry’s defense, I heard a rumor that Putin, Medvedev, and Lavrov are scared shitless about the new development at Ramstein AB, GER. I don’t really buy it, or the rumor that Lowry, Dan Crenshaw, and a hologram of Herr Zelenskyy will perform at the upcoming Fag Queen Pedo Hour, Ramstein Base Library, Thursday, June 2, 2022, 10:30 AM UTC+02. (Be there, or be straight). Enough rumors; here’s “the deal.”

Ukraine is finished as a nation-state. It’s done, and everyone in DC, London, and Brussels knows it. Your MSM liars won’t tell you. Instead, when they move on to something else (MONKEYPOX!!! EEK!), you’ll know they know. Eastern and Southern Ukiland are Russian territory and will remain so indefinitely. The central third of the land, around K-I-E-V, will likely be reconstituted as New Ukraine, by that or some other name, and it will be a very Russian-friendly kind of place. Hungary and Romania may (or may not) take little slivers of the Carpathians. The rest of Western Bander-Galacia will likely host a long guerilla war between the Polacks and the Nazis. All of this will start to coalesce sometime between now and the end of the summer and that day when the AFU just falls apart and Russia casually rolls over and into whatever territory they please – in spite of what lies Lowry, Brandon, Boris, and the rest of the lying dipshits will say. 

It has been utterly retarded for the Werewest to interfere in any way, including the pitiful shipments of weapons targets into the 404. The idiots better make certain they stop the ineffective assistance in time. If anyone (looking at Lloyd Austin?) has any brains at all, then it would be beyond retarded to get caught shipping in weapons targets AFTER the nominal Russian victory. Heretofore, Moscow has cautiously concerned itself with liberating oppressed peoples, and eliminating Nazis, while trying hard not to damage civilian life and infrastructure and not exterminate all Ukrainian regulars. Beyond ISR jamming, armament depot destruction, mercenary liquefaction, that Canadian general, and laughing out loud, they’ve paid scant attention to the malevolence of NATO. If any Javelins, Harpoons, or Nerf guns come in, once they’re finally free to care and properly respond, I suspect the gloves will come off. Recall the MOD can operate worldwide. Rather than blow up shipments outside Lviv, they could destroy the transfer points in Western Europe, down ships or planes in the Atlantic, or simply take out the sources. One might not think a munitions factory in Tucson is in danger of a Zircon strike; then again, one probably doesn’t understand math, ballistics, or geography. 

Leave the Sovereign World alone. Leave the children alone, too, you damnable freaks.

The Children. You Did Not Think About The Children.

Uvalde. You, even those of you under rocks, must have heard, seen, or read something. I will address this latest tragedy tomorrow on the PPN. Right now, as usual, all parties and sides are asking what the solution is to these never-ending atrocities. We hear the usual, dead-wrong nonsense about laws, money, and guns. Here’s the terrible thought of the week: what if these kinds of attacks are the solution? I mean “solution” as a quasi-synonym for “outcome.”

Moron Abbott* babbled something about parents dropping kids off at schools and expecting something. I can’t listen to fools. Anyone who expects anything short of horror from an American school is also foolish. Schools cause, among many other awful things, school shootings. But, that’s not the problem. 

Good Ole MB sent me a wonderful article of his about the Georgia primaries this week. I clicked a link and read an empty BS statement by a womanly candidate. She promised to fight CRT and “call for legislation that mandates teaching our children American History and American values, not dividing us by skin color.” God divided us. He sent His Son to keep the division going. The CRT gangsters, on the contrary, and like all globohomo trash, want to unite us. In fear, pain, slavery, and death. That’s closer to the issue with the shootings and cultural devolution.

Recall that a short time ago, a Black radical shot up a subway station. Then, not long after, a White Amero-Bandera type shot up a supermarket. Even a Chinaman snapped and shot up a Taiwanese Church. Now in Texas, in a Hispanic town, a Hispanic teenager from a Hispanic high school has killed a score of Hispanic children at a Hispanic elementary school. Drop the Boomer division crap and notice the pattern: everyone behaves the same way. Why?

My theory is that Uvalde represents the intersection of the two greatest geopolitical problems confronting the US since WWII – the demographic transformation, and the debt apocalypse. We stupidly, blindly traded a sane, sober, high-IQ, homogenous, Christian Western European population, living under a British sub-culture, working real jobs, and with real money to spend … for the present predicament. We now suffer a great hodgepodge of duller, drugged-out, insane, violent masses who literally have nothing. And who have nothing to lose. As such, as Gerald Celente puts it, they lose it. Most of these monsters, weak-minded as they might be, know something is wrong. They know but they cannot put their fingers on it. Digits more often find the triggers.

In a sick, sad, perverse way, this is what the people have elected for themselves and for their posterity. The can was kicked until it sailed off a cliff, taking the kickers with it. Others may have made the horrible suggestions, but it was Americans themselves who acted on them. Tune in to the show tomorrow for more. Congratulations. Those mostly over the age of 30-ish have helped make a fine mess. This is the new normal. And it’s just getting started. 

Cheery PS for the normies: No later than September 1st, I advise you to have enough food, heating fuel, water, and/or water-purifying capability to make it through the very end of winter, whenever winter ends where you live. Also, if you haven’t already, and if you still can, now is the time to gun up. And – very important – no later than 9/1/22, I strongly suggest you have on hand a year’s supply of any and all medications you either require to stay alive or which make your lives bearable. While the Sovereign World rolls and thrives, in Clown World, things are about to go from rough to B-A-D. 

*UPDATE: Beta O’Rourke is also obviously an ass.