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And it’s not us, though we have allowed it to rule over us.

This is the aim of the “rules-based order” concept that they have sought to introduce into general circulation for years. No one has seen, or discussed, or approved these “rules”, but they are being imposed on the international community. As an example, let me quote a recent statement by US Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen, who called for a new Bretton Woods framework and said that the United States would practice “the friend-shoring of supply chains to a large number of trusted countries” that shared “a set of [liberal] norms and values about how to operate in the global economy.” The hint is absolutely clear: the US dollars and the “benefits” of the international financial system are only for those who follow these American “rules.” Dissenters will be punished. Clearly, Russia is not the sole target, all the more so as we will fight back. The attack is aimed at all those capable of conducting an independent policy. Take, for example, Washington’s pet Indo-Pacific strategy, which is directed against China. In parallel, it seeks to firmly and reliably harness India to the US and NATO. In the spirit of the Monroe doctrine, the United States wants to dictate standards to Latin America. The inevitable question is whether the Americans are really able to follow the key principle of the UN Charter, which states: “The Organisation is based on the principle of the sovereign equality of all its Members.”

The “rules-based order” envisions neither democracy, nor pluralism even within the “collective West.”

I will briefly discuss this on tomorrow’s PPN. I had planned to write a short sub-column about how the average Joe might perceive things once they really run their course – likely later this summer or fall. But then, for the first time in years, I had to visit a Walmart. Perhaps the collapse is neither in progress nor approaching… I may or may not work on that idea. The very good news is that good people around the world are breaking free of the NWO and its rules. Maybe once, as Vox ponders, Russia really tries to free Americans from the evil they’ve allowed to destroy America – an unnecessary kindness from Russia and a long shot – the remaining Americans might wake up.