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The other day, an acquaintance, taken with the Azov-Nazi Regime, asked me whether I stood with the Russians or the Ukrainians. I replied that I stood with the Christians, which, of course, means the Russians (not that it doesn’t mean most Ukrainians as well). That increasingly DOES NOT mean Americans or US residents or citizens. The darkness grows in the former US of A.

In a profession long dominated in the U.S. by Christian clergy, Buddhists are leading an ever more diverse field that includes Muslim, Hindu, Wiccan and even secular humanist chaplains. Buddhist chaplains say they’re uniquely positioned for the times due to their ability to appeal to a broad cultural and religious spectrum, including the growing number of Americans — roughly one-third — who identify as nonreligious.

If one is dying in a low-rent hospital and requests a Priest, I suppose it is better for a kindly pagan woman to appear rather than a witch doctor or a robed, knife-wielding satanic sorcerer. Then again, the next AP piece will probably be on how great those two alternatives are and how we have always been a Judeo luciferi-Christian nation. Or, they may just say “luciferian nation.” One doomed country, under evil, with “dignity and respect” for all…