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COLUMN: The “Arsenal of Democracy” – with Noodles!


For the first time in about fifty years, a little truth crept into some MSM headlines and stories. Carlos Slim’s little blog casually admitted that the Ukies, not the Russians, cluster bomb their own civilians. There’s something, something about blaming Russia, but still, this was as close to an honest admission as we’re going to get these days. Except for what Bloomberg and a few slightly more reputable outlets were spinning…

Today’s American “democracy” means the promotion of our more cherished and time-honored values: usury, narcotics, hoaxes, perpetual war, lies, idiocy, Antibody-dependent Enhancement, etc. All of it is in jeopardy because of something, something Russia. Or something.

One might recall that just last month, on March 15, 2022, retired Lt. Col. Ben Hodges, former commander of the US Army Europe, confidently told the gullible public that, “Russians are about 10 days away from what is called the culminating point, when they just no longer have the ammunition nor the manpower to keep up their assault.” One might then consult a calendar and realize that this statement might have been just a teeny weeny little itty bitty bit of total projection and bullshit. 

Some in the media kind of noticed something off with this situation, which is really odd. It’s even stranger that they were allowed to mention it. The Times’s wailing about the “arsenal of democracy” was an admission that it’s not the Rooskies who are running out of ammo. As I noted a few weeks ago, the empire is so weak that it has to lose this one on the back of neo-Nazi proxies. The strategy thus far has been to provide the Azov-SS with intel and small and medium arms. Great heaping shipments of missiles, rifle rounds, mines, and artillery shells flow into Ukraine. Russia makes a sport of turning these shipments into burning rubbish. The Banderaites continue to surrender or die. Moscow rolls. DC panics. The MSM lies. The cycle repeats. But the cycle is beginning to take a hard toll.

It’s been nearly a month since the MSM’s military “expert,” Hodges, got it dead wrong about Russia’s culmination. Phase Two is now in progress and the SMO proceeds unimpeded. Mad Vlad has somehow managed to find enough men and munitions somewhere – probably in Russia’s huge manpower reserves and her massive armaments industry.  The truth is that the US’s and NATO’s supplies of weapons are running low. The point of some of this new, honest reporting is that the choice manifesting is whether to keep funneling targets for the VVS and AVMF to destroy on arrival or to keep some of the stuff in case, you know, ‘Murica and NATO need them. 

The US has lost both the manufacturing capacity and the necessary skilled labor to readily replenish the stocks that Brandon keeps giving away. The Boomers inherited a gold mine because the US of their childhoods was the only nation with a major manufacturing sector that survived World War II intact. They also stumbled into the budding Bretton Woods reserve dollar and the relatively high-IQ American workforce. Easy times made for soft men, and the soft men squandered it all and then some. 

There’s also the uncomfortable fact that the US’s astronomical military budgets don’t fund much in the way of working weapons systems. All those albatross-around-the-neck foreign bases aren’t cheap. Neither is the make-work, the HR costs, the retirements, or the MIC graft. It’s not the arsenal of democracy, it’s the arsenal of globalization, with the attendant financialization and creeping incrementalism. 

[I had A LOT more, here, but cut it so I could wrap with the stellar, improvised conclusion, below.]*

The US doesn’t make much anymore. The heyday was some time ago. About the only things we still make in large numbers are fairytale stories of grandeur, excuses, and fake loans of money that never existed. It’s all beyond stupid; there’s an element of evil in it.

In not-unrelated news, I was originally going to relate some interesting news about a certain railroad and a certain fertilizer company, both owned, in part, by the same certain investment institutions. The US does still have the ability to make fertilizer. They’re just going to cut way back on it … because banks?  In short, the mass financialization of the US economy might end up meaning something worse than recessions and inflation. How about a little famine? You’ll eat nothing, and you’ll be happy!

Time will tell. I’m sure the powers that be have our best interests in mind. Now might be a good time to mention nationalism and national capitalism, but that’s a subject for another day, maybe for another country. At any rate, I have the honor of ending this one on a high note!

War and contrived fertilizer shortages aside, it just got a little easier to come by Goodles! We owe this development to GG. Here she is with the final word:


*I also cut much of the fire and wrath from this one. Call it the “GG effect.”