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Happy Holy Easter Weekend, all!

I’ve been thinking. The old blog’s 10-year anniversary is right around the corner and, even closer, I’m about to hit post number 5,000. Everything so far, here and at the PPN podcast/show, has been free to listeners and readers. That is and has been, in many ways, problematic.

What I’m thinking about is writing more fiction with the aim of someday doing that exclusively. In the interim, the idea is floating in my head to do a combined daily podcast, similar to PPN but all on my own, WITH(!) the weekly column. This combo could either be hosted here or at a new platform. Here’s the great part! All of this would be for paid subscribers ONLY! It wouldn’t be (won’t be) overly expensive, but it wouldn’t be “cheap” either. It damn sure wouldn’t/won’t be free – the cult of free needs breaking, friends.

I’ll keep tinkering and keep you posted. If it happens, you’ll read/hear it when you pay for it.