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How in the hell did this slip?

The gunman was on the northbound N train when he put on a gas mask at 8.24am and pulled a smoke cannister out of his bag
He unleashed it in the train car, then opened fire, wounding ten people before vanishing as the train pulled in to the station
The gunman is described as a black male, …

This is current year. To put the blame on the demographic that commits 58% of all violent crimes in the USSA is just plain old right racist. To base the horrid accusation on something like “evidence” is beyond the pale. I think what they really meant was that the shooter was Vladimir Putin, aka Vladolph Putler. That, or one of his evil commie henchmen trying to rebuild the USSR, subway-style. That, or a MAGA homeschooler and science denier. I suppose it could have been c19, acting directly. Or, the climate hoax. Then again, this could have been another random case of a gun committing autonomous crimes. Anything but the truth.

Get. Out. Of. The. Cities.