I wrote up the following short under the heading of “Churchian Guide to Nation-Wrecking.”

David French projects rather powerfully in his screed against the American nation.

This is the exact wrong time to close Christian hearts and minds to thoughtful voices, including thoughtful voices who offer new approaches to our understandings of race and justice in the United States. You don’t have to agree. You can and should dissent when you sincerely believe ideas are wrong. But when activists shout “CRT” about ideas they don’t like, they’re not defending the faith, they’re often trying to block you from perspectives that Christian believers need to hear.

I dissent. He’s an activist shouting “CRT” about the American nation he doesn’t like. He’s defending a faith, just not Christianity. He’s trying to block Christians from Christian doctrine. He’s doing his part to rebuild the Tower of Babel.

It sat for a day or three, perhaps waiting on this literal Christian response. See if you can spot the differences. Hint: the latter matter is Christ-centered and rejects wicked modernity; the former is French’s low-grade attack on Christian national culture. The only real future is in the past.