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It’s like the world knows who the US sheeple are.

You got to love the “logic” of these folks!

Russia intervenes in a country which neighbors Russia, thousands of miles away, and the US Americans see that as a threat to the USA.  And nevermind that the USA is the country which forced Russia into this war which the Kremlin spent eight years trying to avoid.

How is such a result even possible?  Here are a few options:

    1. A majority of US Americans are simply stupid and cannot think
    2. A majority of US Americans are unbelievably ignorant
    3. A majority of US Americans are brainwashed by their media and schools
    4. A majority of US Americans have been trained/conditioned to fear and hate whomever their rulers designate for demonization
    5. A majority of US Americans sincerely believe that the USA ought to be the planet’s cop and no matter where a conflict starts, even when that conflict started by the USA, they believe that it is Uncle Shmuel business to deal with it.  In their tiny minds, the USA has a God given right to intervene anywhere and attack anyone.
    6. A majority of US Americans perceive any truly sovereign country as a direct threat to their way of life.
    7. The PYSOP campaign to demonize Russia has been a resounding success.

A mix of all of the above is probably the most accurate cause for such a result.

Read that entire article. What’s interesting is that the combined 27% of Americans who are not obviously retarded pretty much corresponds with the percentage of literal, heritage Americans left in this collapsing dumpster fire. I, for what it’s worth, am below even the noble 3%ers; I still see the Russian people as friends.