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COLUMN: The Empire of Lies Strikes Back: Spotting Falsehoods


It might suffice to say that, regarding Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, everything the mainstream media, the Werewestern politicians, and their master say is a lie. Hello, and welcome to my promised expansion on last Saturday’s musings. The following involves reading assignments and I will keep it somewhat short.

Again, even considering the COVID hoax, deception, and 24/7 hysteria, I can’t recall ever seeing or hearing anything like the current luciferian war of words on Vladimir Putin and Russia. And I think, in this case, it really is safe to assume everything these liars say is, in fact, a lie. We were warned about them by a certain Carpenter.

So, here are seven books and a documentary that may help the intrepid news-seeker make sense of what the liars are up to, in general, and specifically, in this sad case in and around Ukraine. There are many more sources, but again, will even one out of twenty readers look into let alone read these? I won’t even bother with links. If one finds it important, then consult that mysterious internet thing for directions.

Falsehood in War Time, Arthur Ponsonby, 1928 (almost forgot this one…)

Literally speaks for itself.

Who Rules America, John McConaughy, 1934

In 1934, it wasn’t whom one might think. It certainly was not “the people.” As things have changed, the patterns remain the same. Our elites have completely wrecked everything for their own benefit. Having wrecked foreign policy, the military, morale, and intelligence (and everything else), all they have left now in their fear is the weaponized media. 

War is a Racket, Smedley Butler, 1935

Most are. Russia has a unique justification and responsibility. The US and NATO do not. This isn’t the proverbial banker’s war. Rather, it’s a war against the bankers and their dark king of the world. Still, Butler’s experienced views of the then-nascent US imperial outlook may be instructive for understanding their current impotence and panic.

Unrestricted Warfare, Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, 1999

This is a must-read on its own. The media campaign, like migration, finance, education, and more, is a direct form of warfare by indirect means. It does little to nothing to slow Russia’s hard actions on the ground, but it does hypnotize the masses, like chants at a football game. Not much of a factor, but still a factor. 

Two Hundred Years Together, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, 2001

The conflict in and over Ukraine has been in progress for a thousand years or more. Historically, it has involved the same parties in the same places doing the same things. Not much has changed except for the allegiances and alliances. It helps explain why the globos hate Russia the way they do. (They hate China almost as much and their captive hosts in the West more). Solzhenitsyn obviously couldn’t cover much of the 21st-century unfoldings. To better fill that gap, watch:

Ukraine on Fire (Movie), Oliver Stone, 2016

I do not ordinarily recommend videos and motion pictures, but this one is worth it. It rather accurately (and graphically) explains how the present crisis came about: the nazis of Kiev, the never-ending CIA/NATO/dark state meddling, and the runup or attempt at genocide of the Russian population in Crimea and the Donbas.

SWJs Always Lie, Vox Day, 2015

A great look at liars in general and their rhetorical attacks on anything real and/or good. Three rules: they always lie, they double down on the lies, and they project. Today, when FOX, CNN, BBC, and Mittens Romney babble away, they are lying. The double these lies times five million (never seen anything like it). At the end of the day, through the constant repetition of how evil and horrible Russia is and how great the West’s fake “democracy” is, they roundaboutly admit the exact opposite is true – they’re projecting their wickedness and failure towards the anti-globalist alliance.

Gekaufte Journalisten, Udo Ulfkotte, 2014

This might be the most important one on the list, at least in general. Ulfkotte saw it all in his insider’s career and he revealed the secrets of how the media and the intelligence agencies narrowly tailor the news, censor the news, or just completely make up the news. Once one grasps the mechanisms – as with his recount of the fake desert battle during the Iran-Iraq war – one cannot help but see the obvious deceptions everywhere.

Note: Yes, due to censorship from the “free and democratic” WereWest, one will have some difficulty finding English edition copies of some of these works. There are distinct reasons why the liars would rather have the masses in the dark, hypnotized to the ceaseless drumbeat of lies and hysteria.