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Rich Lowry spins a fantastic yarn about Ukraine and “Nationalism’s Finest Hour” at the Neocon Review and other Langley outlets.

He’s right about the excellence; he just has the parties backward. Russia (and China) are the Anti-globalist Alliance. Right now they are, on behalf of the nations, kicking the shit out of the satanic globalists. Ukraine, a decent if disillusioned and somewhat dull country, is a pawn of the satanists. Again, it’s more of a hostage rescue than an invasion.

He’s not alone in this sudden shift towards fake nationalism. How do people who cannot define “Americans” as anything other than “anyone who shows up” possibly understand what makes a Ukrainian Ukrainian? How do the open borders people protest against the alleged Russian invasion of Ukraine? Aren’t all those young Russian men entitled to settle wherever they please? After all, they just want better lives. They want to do the deNazification and demilitarization jobs native Ukrainians won’t do. No Russian is illegal! And, just like the USA, Ukraine is merely an idea, a proposition.

This is not unlike the gun grabbers who suddenly decided that ordinary little people do, in fact, need automatic weapons and bombs.

All of these lies aren’t just hypocrisy and stupidity and ignorance. There’s a load of wickedness and malice behind them and in them. But it’s a good sign. All of the MSM, globohomo, luciferian panic is great. They are completely terrified because they know they’re losing. This is nationalism’s finest hour of late.