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In the USSA, a most appropriate briefing was held.

On Thursday afternoon, 30 top TikTok stars gathered on a Zoom call to receive key information about the war unfolding in Ukraine. National Security Council staffers and White House press secretary Jen Psaki briefed the influencers about the United States’ strategic goals in the region and answered questions on distributing aid to Ukrainians, working with NATO and how the United States would react to a Russian use of nuclear weapons.

Perfect. A mindless population will be further deceived by a fake administration. They’ll love it – almost as much as a video “belfie.”

Meanwhile, good advice from a much more legitimate and competent authority was dismissed by an Imperial puppet.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenksy that he recommends Ukraine take the offer made by Russian President Vladimir Putin to end the war – which includes many Ukrainian sacrifices – in a phone call on Tuesday, according to an official in Ukraine’s government. According to the official, Zelenksy did not take Bennett’s advice.

Know when to fold ’em. Of course, Ze is about in charge of the illegitimate, dying UA government as Brandon is in charge of his bowels.

Kudos to Bennett for playing the adult.