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I almost wish I hadn’t previously banned Metabergbook here so I could do it again. They are utterly evil. Of course, they’re allowing death threats against European Christians fighting off the satanic world disorder.

The Prosecutor General of Russia has asked a court to formally designate Meta Platforms, the owner of Facebook and Instagram, as an extremist organization, Russian news agencies reported on Friday. The request came after reports that the US-based social media giant had revised its policy and is now allowing posts that call for violence against Russian citizens, amid Moscow’s military offensive in Ukraine.

Earlier, some Western media reported that Meta had decided to allow “posts on Ukraine war calling for violence against invading Russians or [for Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s death”.

Beyond the RKN, this is probably something GRU and the MOD need to address.

Metaberg’s policy is already in effect; they’ve been actively promoting the production and usage of weapons the BATF still classifies as illegal destructive devices. I suppose they’re serious about people using them – against Russians only.

This is the same worthless band of scumbag degenerates that banned my PPN shows because I dared to discuss politics, a bioweapons hoax, and the daily operations of a certain central bank.

“Meta” means “dead” in Hebrew. Dead and soulless. If you still support Faceberg you are actively siding with the devil.

PS: I’m not kidding about the weapons. From Farceberg UA: