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Ukrainian Vodka With A Side Of Freedom Fries


Under the knife this coming Friday! I’ve decided to undergo a lobotomy. By maybe cutting my IQ in half, I can become a happy, successful, ordinary, post-modern Amerikan retard. 

The people who occupy space in the strange nation-shaped kind of area where I live might qualify as the dumbest bunch of human beings in history. Well, maybe it’s not quite that bad. Close though. And, as stupid and gullible as they are, them thar ‘Muricans got some serious competition in the world’s most idiotic people competition.

The world just endured two straight years of the most horrifically obvious hoax ever conceived by man or demon. Add that tidbit to the fact that the glowing, talking screen on the wall has never once told anyone the truth, and … the people dutifully sit, stare, droll, and absorb one lie after another. The current lies are programmed to get the people worked up too. They’ve done that before, but not this degree or this quickly. Today, with the exceptions of most Russians, the Chinese, Iranians, Mexican politicians and tour guides, and many Ukrainians, the people #StandWithUkraine! That goes double for the 89% who still can’t find the place on a map despite the fact one has been constantly all over the screens for the past week.

I get it, I sure do: many of the people are good and decent and only mean well, which makes them easy targets for liars. Again. And Again. And, incidentally, this is what they’re supporting:

(PIC: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts / 12th UA SS Panzer Azovnazis).

Drape yourselves in that, EU Parliamentarian, local college SJW, and Sally Soccer Mom!

Cuck Rodeo Ranger Greg Abbott is leading a crusade against our greatest enemy – Russian vodka. Ukrainian vodka is good enough, but it’s all booze, right? Even the types who usually need a 750 of Nemiroff to wash down the Xanax and Percs, are pouring the stuff down the drain. (They’ll regret that later tonight, methinks). Does this not remind the reader of the “freedom fries” foolishness, circa 2003? Maybe it’s a subliminal potato thing? Maybe the screens? Dunno.

I do know that fools worldwide are lining up, beating their chests, and preparing to ship off, no-visa-needed, to die quick deaths in the Donbas cauldron. I saw footage of these people, I think in the UK. The men of a nation overrun and invaded are off to save another nation from being liberated and to side with the same sorts their grandpas fought eighty years ago. The world makes little sense. But, it is funny. Many of the fresh targets are still sporting face diapers! That will show them dumb Ruskies! BTW, for fun, or if you’re seriously considering joining the fish-in-a-barrel legion, just GOOOOOOOOOOgull “MLRS.” The Russians are fond of these and they may, in fact, be slightly more dangerous than the common cold. You’re business, either way.

The rest will keep watching FOX News, dream of being Rambo, and sucking up all the Promethean propaganda they can find. That each and every lie is immediately disproven – sometimes they’re self-disproving – means little to nothing to the brainwashed, drug-addled, obese amoeba intently watching the screens. If that’s not you, then may I offer some alternative, conspiracy theory, blue-check-debunked, crazy, hoax facts? Bullet point facts, too.

  • Everything the USGov, NATO, their MSM pets, and Big Social tells you is a lie. This is 100% known and certain.
  • There is very little real news available about the situation, mainly because the people in charge – the Russians – are VERY quiet about their progress. RT usually recycles the same stories from the West, minus the PuTiN iS hItLeR(!!!) ledes, body, and conclusions (with pictures). The observable difference, one of them, is in the tone and citations. The Russians write and speak as if their audience is intelligent; the Western media doesn’t have that problem. The Russians don’t cite or link much; the MSM is replete with blue hypertext. Follow the MSM’s links and they will eventually circle back to the original article one started on without presenting or suggesting the first truth. Cut, paste, and search – so hard in this stone age – something the Russians comment on, and voila!, it’s usually real and important. 
  • Let’s not forget – and I am one of the worst – not forget the human impact here. It is huge, dangerous, and troubling. Pray that greater danger and trouble is prevented through the process.
  • Putin has made painfully clear that the good Ukrainian people are not his enemies. This is more akin to a hostage rescue than an all-out invasion. And Russia is not, I think, going to set up a puppet in Kiev (it’s K-I-E-V) like the CIA did. They’re neither rebuilding the USSR nor the Czarist Empire.
  • The Russians are making real progress. I have no idea what the exact battle plan is, but it appears to be working and they appear to be sticking to it. They have multiple plans and they did not throw this show together last-second. Western lies about Russia running out of ammo, gas, food, money, etc in three days have already been disproved like all the other stupid lies. Their way of war is not the made-for-TV evil the empire of lies has hurled against brown people the past thirty years. Patience. Shut up, wait, and watch. I’ve been privy to CEV analysis (by either WSL or MVC – has to be one of them) that plainly shows Russia is moving faster and with greater effectiveness than the Empire in either Gulf War or Israel in the Six Day War. The analysis involves math so it is beyond Sally, the SJWs, and Abbott.
  • They smashed some 80% of the Ukrainian military’s ability to respond, without killing many Ukrainians, on day one. They evidently had total air superiority almost immediately. No, Cleetus, your boys will not establish a no-fly zone as one already exists and would absolutely prevent the boys from trying. Thus, they won’t try; even Brandon gets it.
  • No heavy weapons from the outside will make it in either. It would be extraordinarily stupid, even by ‘Murican standards, to try the shipments.
  • All this, and to my limited knowledge, the Russians have not used a single one of their new weapons systems. Let’s pray they don’t feel the need. While you Goooolag about, search “3M22.” There is nothing even approaching parity with this and many other new toys anywhere in the world. 
  • Hypocrisy! At the same time they came down on Russia, the US and Israel engaged in the exact kind of aggression in Somalia and Syria that they condemned in Ukraine. The difference is that there was no threat in Damascus or the Mog. 
  • Zelensky is the one in the bunker. He has been there. Most of the Metabook posts and such were pre-recorded. The action shots of him in a helmet on the front lines (WHAT A LEADER!) are fake, being stills taken one to three years ago. One can see side-by-side comparison pictures. It’s fake. The video of him dancing in leather chaps and high heels is real. (What a hero…)
  • Yes, sometimes wicked Jews have been known to work with wicked Nazis. Birds of a feather loot a nation together. Get over it. Metabergbook is run by Mark Metabergzuck, who is Jewish-ish. Suddenly, he’s okay with Sally and the SJWs “standing with” those two storm troopers pictured above. Herr Kapo Soros was really onto something when he made the comparison to Budapest in 1944. Then as now, Russians besieged a Nazi-infested city before liberating it. Then as now, the Nazis had a Jewish helper. Bonus: guess who that 1944 helper was???
  • Heretofore, I did not realize how entrenched and how bad the Nazi element was in Ukraine. It’s literally the same crowd from 1944, just now supported by the Allies and Israel. Again, the world doesn’t have to make sense. I also had no concrete idea, suspicions aside, about the DOD-NIH labs. Those apparently were among Putin’s primary targets last week. There’s a lot I didn’t know until Putin cranked it up. More still is unknown.
  • Putin is dead serious. He should be. As I’ve been writing, I think he has three main objectives – beyond and within “denazifying and disarming” – 1) secure the Russian people in Donbas (almost done, I hear); 2) clean up the country, SS-lovers and fake coup-installed government and all (slowly, methodically getting there); and, 3) push back against decades of NATO encroachment (you can tell it’s working from the hysterical reactions).
  • I agree with Brandon! I think the chance of nuclear war is very, very low.
  • NATO has few to no military options. If they were decent, they’d help Russia. Then again, decency could have prevented all the fuss. The sanctions, all of them including SWIFT, will hurt Russia a little in the short term. Moscow has been preparing for this and living with similar restrictions all this century. In the long run, they will be better off being sanctioned. Somewhere in the interim, the sanctions will backfire on the West.
  • China and Russia really do have a SWIFT alternative ready and almost functioning. SPFS-CIPS. India is with them along with much of the rest of Asia. Half the world will follow. This will most likely lead to replacing the Dollar as the world’s reserve currency. The BIS may go back to the nothing it was in 1929.
  • This is, in my happy opinion and the panicked opinions of the panickers, the beginning of the end of the satanic new world disorder. Call it what one will, it is running on fumes and about to meet the proverbial S500 interceptor in the sky.

That’s enough for now as we still, none of us, know very much. Let the very concerned concern trolls and deluded teevee enthusiasts pour out all the spirits they like. Take a measure of heart and hope! The sides are less than clear and less than perfect. However, this looks to be the first large outing of the Anti-globalist Alliance. In a sense, it is Christians (and allies) against satanists (and dupes). May that the good guys win. Deo Vindici!

UPDATES (3/2/22):

Russia has suffered 498 KIA, on the low average side of the 200 – 1100 estimate in the CEV noted above. The MSM is lying by at least a factor of 10. More good news: UA casualties are also lower than estimated.

The cauldron in Donbas is closed or closeable (corridor for civilians [not held captive by Nazis] and surrendered UA soldiers to leave; MLRS/air controlled gap, if any). Looking at the last updated map, I counted 3 such envelopments to include a theater-wide lock currently being established on a line from Kiev to Odessa. This line looks like it could easily slip west to the Carpathians, and/or it will serve as a shield against Boomer Rambos coming in from Poland or points west (the ones not incinerated by airstrikes).

A very important discussion of why the special military action was imperative.

EXTREMELY DISTURBING! HERE is the War Crimes Report concerning UA atrocities in Donbas from 2014-present. It is a PR-dressed report but is also brutally graphic. Viewer discretion!

The VIDEO version of the report (in a PDF). Again, EXTREMELY DISTURBING. These reports show what massacred people look like; if even slightly bothered by such things, consider not watching/reading.

Look for something like Nuremberg when this is over. If the ICC/UN won’t act, Russia will. And there are credible reports that the very few RUS servicemen captured are being executed with torture. With the old and (potential) new war crimes against DPR and LRP civilians, RUS civilians, and especially against RUS troops, the exact criminals are already being identified and targeted. I do not see many of them living to stand trial.

UPDATE (3/2/22 5 PM): For reference, Ukraine is roughly the size of Texas. A just-released map of the massive RUS failure, retreat, and surrender… Or, it illustrates some of my earlier points.

The red is RUS zones, totaling an area the size of GB. The blue pocket in the east represents the entrapment of 65-80% of the whole UA land army (the AF and Navy are reportedly 100% destroyed). The western flank is new (to me). An area equivalent to the size of France will be under total control in a day or so.