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In the past year or so, in writing and/or on the PPN, I think I was a little too general or too hasty in dismissing the translation notes from Langley’s edition of UNRESTRICTED WARFARE (1999). The notes’ derisiveness speaks for itself in comparison to the main body of the subject matter. However, the blame probably does not lie with the translators.

After all, as to the line interpreters, any presumable Westerner smart enough to translate Chinese is probably at least moderately familiar with simple algebra. A mid to high-level org flow chart technocrat might not be; one certainly wouldn’t be that interested in it – especially one ordered to “see no evil.”

While I should have suspected as much, I did not realize until recently the extreme pressure and bullying that went downwards through the Company in order to minimize any objective risk assessment concerning China – during the optimistic phases of the now failed Eastward Leap. (One wonders about the political acrobatics happening now as the dark state belatedly comes about). The Dilbert principle at work in a wicked agency.

If you haven’t read the book and do not know what I’m talking about here, then perhaps you’re up for a promotion!